Island God

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Island God is Closed

Rule your own little patch of paradise as the ancient Island God and pick your side: Good or Evil! Lead your Tribe of worshippers into prosperity by constructing new buildings, expanding your island and more. Don’t feel like being good today; punish your tribesmen at your whim and ultimately decide what kind of a god you are.



To gain levels very quickly, do two things: build a lot, and follow the quests. In this game, the reward for completing each of your quests is experience points, not money or resources, so completing quests is the easy way to gain experience levels. Some of the quests are extremely easy and cheap to complete, such as buying six torches, lighting six torches, killing three boars, or renaming your tribe and building a sign. Each of these earns you plenty of extra experience points.

There is a limited amount of totems you can buy, so at first, money seems hard to obtain. To counteract this, coin farming is important. One method of coin farming, is to load up your island with torches. Each torch can be relit every 30 minutes, and each time you relight a torch, it gives you 30 coins and 2 experience points. So having 30 torches enables you to theoretically earn 900 coins every 30 minutes (as long as you have the energy, and/or friends come by often to relight your torches.

For something that doesn’t require as much energy, but will still earn you a lot of coins, build a campfire. It can be relit every 1080 minutes (or 18 hours), and each time you relight it, you earn 150 coins. So buying 4 of these with your initial 10,000 coins, right off the bat, can earn you 600 coins every 18 hours, for minimal energy spent.

To make exchanging energy for fruit worth your while, your best improvement would be to build a Redberries bush. You can click it every 120 minutes and earn 3 fruits each time, allowing you to buy more offerings and earn more energy.

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