• Genre: Word & Trivia
  • Developer: Tim Girard
  • Monthly Users: 14
  • GD Star Rating

4WORD4 is a new fun and addictive word game on Facebook. Create words in a 4×4 grid of letters to score points and advance to the next level.

Developed by Tim Girard, 4Word4 offers exactly what it states, a fast paced word game where you have to find the best word combinations before the time runs out.

4Word4 offers 2 game modes, easy play and Hard play, the difference lies in the words and options available for each level. The gameplay is simple, you have to find 10 words in a limited amount of time, to do this, you choose the first letter, then a adjacent one, and so on until you have a 3 or more word, then just double click the last letter to finish the word.

The more letters you use in each word, the higher the score is for that particular word, also you get bonuses from time left.

You loose when you fail to find 10 words in the available time.

4Word4 features statistics, where you can see your total words, points and longest word, there is also a leaderboard, the game has just launched and is still beta, but worth checking out for word and puzzle fans.

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