8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

  • Genre: Pool Simulation, Sports
  • Developer: Miniclip
  • GD Star Rating

Addicting, fun and the best online pool game around! That’s right, Miniclip’s fantastic 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool. Chalk up your cue and get potting those balls against the clock.

8 Ball Quick Fire Pool is a solo game basically, instead of playing against another player like in 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool or Pool Live Tour, you play against the clock, it is a different approach for a different approach to the game, while not having the multiplayer interaction, this version is much more easy to play for short periods or just for fun, because you don’t have to wait for other players, you decide when to play and when to stop.

Tips and Tricks

8 Ball Quick Fire Pool Tips

8 Ball Quick Fire Pool is an online pool game in which players must sink as many balls as they can within the allotted time for points. The player must first place his cursor where he wants to hit the cue ball, then hold down the left mouse button to draw the cue back for power. When he releases, the shot is taken. The game is challenging, but following a few handy tips can improve a player’s skill level in short order.


Be Quick

The game begins with two minutes on the clock, with time added each time a ball is pocketed. The time is continuous, so players will want to ensure they have their next shot decided on even while the balls are rolling around from the previous shot. A player cannot take his next shot attempt until every ball has stopped moving. By the time the cue appears for the next shot, the player should have already decided which ball he is going to hit, and at which angle he plans to hit it. That way, all he has to do is quickly move the cursor to the chosen location, pull back the mouse and hit the next shot. The faster a player makes shots, the faster he can add time to his shot clock.

Hit Soft Shots

Controlling both the cue ball and the table is critical in Quick Fire Pool. As time ticks down, players cannot hit their next shot until the balls have stopped moving. This makes softer shots important, since they stop more quickly. Using full power will often keep the cue ball moving well after the shot has been taken, costing a player valuable seconds. The cue should be pulled back no further than two-thirds of the way, unless a shot calls for a more powerful shot. Fast attempts also increase the chances of pocketing the cue ball, since a player has less control over where the ball winds up when he hits it with full power.

Do Not Scratch

Pocketing the cue ball is considered a “scratch” and it is devastating in Quick Fire Pool. Each time a player puts the cue ball in the pocket, she loses 30 seconds from her overall time. When someone is down to a minute or less, a scratch will leave her with little or no time to continue the game. As the player draws back the cue, she will notice one line showing the struck ball’s expected path, and another indicating where the cue ball will roll. The player should make sure the resultant shot will not lead the cue ball into a pocket, then hit the shot with only enough power required to put the struck ball in the pocket without jeopardizing the cue ball.


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8 Ball Quick Fire Pool

8ball Quick fire Pool – Pro shots!

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