AC Milan Fantasy Manager

  • Genre: football Manager
  • Developer: FROM THE BENCH
  • Monthly Users: 1200
  • GD Star Rating

AC Milan Fantasy Manager is the same game as Real Madrid Fantasy Manager, only with a different setup. Instead o  playing Mourinho, you are the head coach of AC Milan, Massimiliano Allegri, all the other features, screens and players available are the same.

Play as Massimiliano Allegri leading AC Milan to victory!
Create and manage your own team.- Sign up any player from the League or the best sides in Europe and show your ability as a manager by controlling all aspects of the club: sports, finances, marketing, etc.

Your goal is to become the best manager of the game, reaching the highest level by working for the club on a daily basis from your own office.

Another difference is the prizes, this are related to AC Milan as would be expected. For more information please read the review on Real Madrid Fantasy Manager, and our Real Madrid Fantasy Manager Guide and Tips.

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