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Zynga just opened their Social Games Website up to the public, it is still an open beta, but you can already play the major games like CItyVille, CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, Zynga Poker and Words With Friends with somoe advantages over playing on Facebook.

As stated by Zynga in their official blog:

  • Your Games.  You can play the games you already do without losing any progress or game neighbors. Pick up your same game right where you left off.
  • Faster Progress.  The site is loaded with all kinds of ways to help you progress faster while you play your favorite games.
  • All About Fun. is dedicated to games and the community of people who play them. We want you to be able to connect with people from all around the world who love to play games like you do.
  • It’s safe.  You can control how you share and interact with others that are playing.

So lets take a closer look with some screenshots from the short tutorial you get on your first visit:

How do I get started?

Connect with Facebook. Sign in to your profile using Facebook Connect. This is the easiest way for us to connect you to all of your current games and gaming friends. If you don’t already have a Facebook account it’s easy to get one.

Take the tour. Let our mascot Fiona show you around.

You’ll be automatically connected to all your Facebook Friends who already play on

You get the game feed on your right, with all the updates, news, help requests and shares, without going anywhere.

In this beta phase is providing a special bonus, for a little while you can receive and give help to EVERYONE playing.

The feed is also a great way to get zfriends, all you need is to visit the desired player profile and add him or her to play with you.

You can change your game settings, see messages or interact with your zfriends.

How do I play my game on

Gameboard. This is where you play your games on The games you play on the Zynga gameboard are the same games you’ve been playing on Facebook, and all of the game data and activity is linked. Any level ups, game zFriends, supplies, crops and game cash you have are the same on both and Facebook. The gameboard is not linked to games on Google+.

zLive Updates. On the right side of the screen you’ll see a constantly updating stream of game feeds. This is called zLive, and it features real-time game stories and game requests from your zFriends, and the rest of the players on You have the option to toggle between just seeing your zFriends or everyone playing your game.

Messaging. You can instantly chat with any zFriend you see online. If you’re playing the same game you can even send them energy. If you’re feeling somewhat shy, you can adjust chat settings and become Unavailable.

What are zFriends?

A zFriend is anyone you’re connected to on With your zFriends you can play games, exchange help instantly and chat while playing, even if you’re not friends on Facebook. Your zFriends won’t have access to your Facebook profile.

  • How do I add zFriends? To add a zFriends, go to their profile and click the Add button, or click the link in the Suggested zFriends box.
  • How do I remove zFriends. To remove a zFriend, go to their profile and click the ‘Remove’ link located on the left-hand rail.
  • Are my zFriends the same as my Facebook friends? When you join, we auto-connect you to anyone you already play games with on Facebook. These players become your first batch of zFriends.You can add anyone else playing on as your zFriend, even if you aren’t friends on Facebook. zFriends don’t have access to your private Facebook info.
  • What are Suggested zFriends? Zynga suggests people you should play with that will help you level up faster and have more fun in your games. We also will recommend you to other players. You can remove yourself from being a Suggested zFriend, but you will still receive zFriends suggestions.
    NOTE: If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, we only show you people who are already your Facebook friends.
  • What is my Profile? Your profile is the central location for all of your game and zFriend info. You can easily find and filter your feeds, update your zFriends about game progress, ask for help, or jump into any of your games.

How do I control my settings?

How do I block or report naughty zFriends? Zynga is designed to be a fun place for you to play with your friends and make new game friends.  While we hope that everyone may get along, we know that sometimes people act like jerks. If someone is being a jerk you are free to block, remove, or report them. Here’s how:

  • Block/Remove. On the zFriend’s profile page, click the link under their profile.
    • Removing a zFriend does not remove them as a game neighbor.
  • Report. If you find something offensive, flag it by placing your cursor over the content and clicking on the Flag that appears.
  • Who can see what? There are three different levels of privacy. From exhibitionist to paranoiac, we’ve got you covered. Just click the Settings link under your Profile picture to adjust.
  • How do I change my privacy settings? Click the “Settings” link under your profile picture. This will take you the Privacy page, where you can make your selections. Remember that everyone on will be able to see your profile photo and name in game feeds.
  • Game-specific question? Visit



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