Adventure World

  • Genre: Adventure, Role Paying
  • Developer: Zynga
  • GD Star Rating

Adventure World on Facebook is the newest game from Zynga, it is an adventure game that looks Indiana Jones all over it, from the type of game, with jungle exploration and puzzle to solve, and even from the artwork, level up art and quests.

Quality is not an issue with this game, as with other games from Zynga, graphics and sounds are near flawless, again soundtrack gives a great sensation of Indiana Jones adventures.

You start by choosing your character gender, and off you go on a mission of exploration, the game is divided into various different parts, at the moment the game world is divided into 3 different world locations, Central America, Egypt and Nepal, inside each one you have to exploration another great set of locations, as you progress in the game these location will be unlocked, the main goal is to explore maps, gathering items and fighting enemies, each map will have a main quest to achieve, and some involve puzzles that have to be mastered in order to finish the level.

There are all sort of stuff to do in the game, you have your base camp, where you return after each expedition, there you have to manage supplies, by arranging contracts with sellers, do some clean up, by clearing bushes and stone, place buildings, and dig sites which are used to produce money, etc.

The game features 3 main resources, each Adventurer will have access to one of three unique supplies. Food, Water, or Fuel. You will need to team up with your friends and share resources in order to start an expedition or adventure.

Friends are also needed to ask for items and gifts, in return you can visit them and help out in their camp, by whacking bushes or helping in several tasks.

Adventure World on Facebook will for sure be another great hit from Zynga, in less than 12 hours the game already got to 32000 players, we all know this is in part because of Zynga’s marketing machine but a great development non the less. If you like adventure, and want to relive some of Indies adventures you have to play Adventure World.

Tips and Tricks

 Adventure World Walkthrough and help

You can access a full tutorial and Faq by Hitting the Help Button on the top right, just above the game screen.

Here are the main features:

Base Camp
Your Base Camp is your gateway to adventure! This plot of land in the jungle is where you will start your adventures, and store your treasures. Clear away the jungle, and set up camp any way you want by purchasing items in the market!
Tool Shop
The Tool Shop is located in your base Camp, and is where you will upgrade your tools, and purchase new additional gadgets to help you solve the secrets of the jungle. You can also upgrade your Tool Shop by gathering parts from your friends to gain access to more powerful Tools, and Gadgets!
Your base camp is where you will gather the supplies needed to start an adventure or an expedition. You will start with two supply boats, and unlock additional boats as you progress through the game.
Each Adventurer will have access to one of three unique supplies. Food, Water, or Fuel. You will need to team up with your friends and share resources in order to start an expedition or adventure.
Expeditions are short missions outside the main storyline that allow you to search for treasure I the area surrounding your Base Camp. They are quick and fun and will help you earn fame and fortune in the Adventure Society!
An Adventure is part of the main story of Adventure World! Your first Adventure is to unlock the city of El Dorado and discover the treasures that wait for you in side. Unlock El Dorado by gathering the four idols and placing them in their proper locations to open the gate to El Dorado.
Your progress in Adventure World will be tracked through the completion of quests. Each quest you complete will bring you one step closer to learning the secrets of El Dorado

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