Age of Titans

  • Genre: 3D Fantasy MMORPG
  • Developer: IGG
  • GD Star Rating

Age of Titans is maybe the first real 3D MMORPG game for Facebook, using a small client, similar to the Unity Engine, developed and published by Age of Titan features great 3D graphics, fantastic battle effects, missions and a huge world to explore.

You can choose from 4 different character classes, Mage, Crusader, Berserker and Legionnaire, each with different skills and gameplay styles.

Age of Titans Features:

  • PVP Arena – Level 40+ players who are hungry for PVP can now sign up with the Arena Master in Sky City to duel it out against 9 other players in the brand newArena! Earn Battle Points to redeem exclusive Equipment, Pets and Mounts; and come out on top to win special Titles and place in the Arena Rankings.
  • Equipment enhancement system – Having great equipment is paramount to success, but chances of getting the perfect gear are low. To help our players get ahead without having to repeatedly hunt the same maps and dungeons, Gangler now has 2 new Equipment Enhancement Features for you to enjoy!
  • Daily event – We know you’re hungry for more events, so here’s one to wrap your head around: it’s Jeopardy, Titan’s style!
  • New Items – As you traverse across the vast Chaos continent, you’ll be sure to encounter stranger and stronger enemies along the way. To put more combat control in your hands, Gem Essences can now be purchased from Iliya in Sky City to offer specialized buffs to your character!

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