Animal Party

  • Genre: Pet caring, collecting
  • Developer: Tribal Crossing
  • GD Star Rating

In Animal Party on Facebook, you’ll discover hundreds of amazing animals across the galaxy and raise them on your magical garden. Along the way you’ll come across many characters who don’t always have the best intentions.

Animal Party is maybe one of cutest and, at the same time, weirdest games on Facebook. Your mission is to collect all sort of crazy animals, they range from worms of different forms to Melons, yes melons, crazy cute melon variations, and all other types of unimaginable pets.

But Animal Party has much more things included, a so much to do, thats even hard to choose where to start.

Lets start with your garden, your home base is called Paradiso and it is a small piece of land somewhere in a vast galaxy, here you can do a lot of stuff, you can grow bait, the ingredient you use to catch the little creatures, bait come in many variations, Meatball, Swiss Bliss, Bad apple or Weeping Onion are just some examples.

Each bait also has its own type, meat, veggie, junk food, different animal like different bait types. Also each bait has a visit percentage, this is the probability of some animal you catch to visit you, and if you have room in your garden they will stay.

Growing bait, or farming, is done in a different way, instead of each type of bait taking a pre-set amount of time to grow as in other farming games, here you choose how much time you want to take the bait to grow, the more time you choose the greater quantity of bait is produced. This is a great tweak because it allow the player to set its own playing time, instead of having to return to the game when sometimes it is not possible.

Much more things to do in the garden, you have to build some structures, like food dispensers to feed your animal friends, this is done in the usual way, with several clicks and resources.

You have to pet-care your animals, make them play with each other, build toys from them to play, feed them, each one having different attributes, some are more playful other more shy, some have ravaging appetite, etc…

There is also some garden clearing, you have to remove rock, space junk and other stuff, to provide room for farming, producing bait and have space for your pets and different buildings, like houses and playing toys.

Also you have to be on the watch for some intruders that wonder around in the garden.

Enough talking about the garden, because there are other things to do, you have to do some catching, for this you have to travel across the galaxy to other places, each one has different animals, and as you level up, there will be new places to explore, each location requires different units of energy to travel to.

Catching is really simple, all you have to do is choose one bait type, drop it and animals appear meanwhile, all you have to do is wait while you ship beams them inside. Your ship initially has space for 4 animals, but you can upgrade it to hold more and upgrade you beam to have a greater rate of success catching the little creatures.

There are more than 120 different creatures to collect, not counting legendary ones, also collections of items to finish which provide rewards, missions list and achievements. This will for sure get you going for more.

The is also friends to visit, gifting to be done, etc…

Overall this is a great social game, great gameplay, graphics and nice soundtrack. Animal Party is a mix between farming games and Pokemon style games and manages to do it by achieving a great result!


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