Arkadium Stadium

  • Genre: Games platform
  • Developer: Arkadium
  • Monthly Users: 100
  • GD Star Rating

Arkadium, the casual and social game developer, released Arkadium Stadium, a suite of 12 Flash-based games that users can post and play right from their Facebook walls. This functionality is very cool, as it allows you to quickly publish the game app to your profile, or your friends’ profiles and play right there.

Arkadium has been making casual games for the last 10 years, but has only moved into creating games for Facebook in the last year.

The Arkadium games suite, includes puzzles like Sudoku, eggz, dice dice baby, word search, picture pieces, monkey gems, 52-card pickup, pegland and other simple casual games.

Arkadium Stadium adds another layer to “Social”, considering you can now pop over to your friends’ profiles to see if their are playing and what.  You can also leave them message on their wall taunting or just congratulating them on a particular game, and this can be really funny.


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