Army Attack

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  • Developer: Digital Chocolate
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Army Attack is maybe the best strategy game available for Facebook. Its a military strategy though but the way it presents itself is catchy to the eye, feature cute artwork figures and the all the game as a cartoony style that may appraise even those not suited for this genre of game.
Your mission is to become a true army commander and lead your troops to victory in Army Attack.
You star the game with a tutorial mission that allows to get familiar with all the icons and gameplay.

Army Attack is turn based, as you move your units one at a time thus expanding your territory and clearing the land from mines and other obstacles and shooting enemies.

Each time on of your units engaged in a shoot fight they loose health, which is represented with a horizontal bar, keep an eye on it so you don’t loose your units, you can heal them at a cost of some medical supplies.
As the game goes on you have more advanced units available.

You can invite your friends to play along with you.

In terms of energy Army Attack is very well balanced and you can play a lot without having to stop, also each time you level up your energy is replenished, so take that into account.

Army Attack Features:
• Become a powerful army commander, gather your troops and lead them to victory
• Wage war in more ways that ever before – unleash your fury in thrilling combat and get your hands on vast selection of modern arsenal
• Be a celebrated hero – free the cities and towns of your captured homeland and boost your war efforts with invaluable help from the civilians
• Complete missions to earn money and battle reserves
• Wreak havoc with your friends – invite your friends to join the war as allies and bring mayhem to the enemy on all fronts!

Definitely a game to try at least! And if you do stop by and tell us your opinion!

Tips and Tricks

How to play Army Attack

Starting the Campaign: Missions

If you’re new to the game, the best way to become familiarized is to begin with the tutorial and continue by going through the missions, which are shown as different icons on the left side of the game screen. The missions will teach you about the core gameplay while getting you started on your path to reconquering the land.


Lightning is the symbol for Energy in Army Attack and you can see how many Energy points you have from the yellow bar at the top.

Moving units, attacking the enemy and collecting Supplies from Resource Plots consume an Energy point per action. One Energy point is generated in every 5 minutes and you’ll also get random Energy drops from the actions you perform in the game.

Friends are also a great source for additional Energy as they can send you Energy drops. Also you’ll get one Energy point a day for each Ally you visit.


Supplies are your bread and butter in Army Attack and you can see your Supply indicator on your right upper corner. A canister is the symbol for Supplies.

Supplies are needed to repair both your units and defenses. The amount of Supplies needed to repair a unit varies depending on the unit type as well as on how many hit points the unit has left. Same logic applies to the your defensive structures.

Supplies are also a great source for making Cash. The towns you have freed can convert Supplies into Cash. Just click on the town and start the process. Notice that the more Supplies you exchange for Cash the more time the action will take.

Supplies are delivered on Drop Zones. Just place a Drop Zone on your game area then click on the Drop Zone to select the drop you want. Remember that the drops containing more Supplies also cost more Cash and have longer delivery times. Friends can also aid each other by sending Supply Drops.

Do notice that there is a cap on how much Supplies you can store. To raise this cap you need to build storage structures found in the Shop under the Supplies tab.


When you’re looking for new buildings, units or other cool stuff to buy from the Shop, you’ll need Cash – and sometimes a lot of it!

The primary source for Cash is during battle. By destroying enemy units and structures you will earn Cash.

Another good source for Cash is the liberated towns. Check out how to make the towns work for you in the Supplies part of this page.


Building a powerful base full of different buildings is one of the key steps towards reconquering your land.

The buildings have two main purposes. First of all, buildings let you train units. In other words, every time you build a new building, you’ll get your hands on a new unit type. Secondly, each building raises the unit cap, meaning that the more buildings you have the more units you can command.

To finish construction of a building, the player needs specific building items. These building items can sometimes be found by destroying enemy units, but a good way is also ask friends to send these items to you.


Defenses help you to control your area. Defensive structures shoot at the enemy when it enters the structure’s defensive parameter. Drag your cursor over the defensive building and you’ll see the size of the defensive parameter.

Be sure to repair the defensive buildings as they endure damage. This can be done in the same way you repair/heal your units.


To attack an enemy unit you must first move to a striking distance from that enemy unit. A rule of thumb in striking distances is that infantry and armored units can attack an enemy located on surrounding tiles while artillery units can attack an enemy located up to two tiles way.

When attacking enemy units it is important to take advantage of the multiple attack opportunity. To do so, you need to move two or more units to striking distance from the enemy before attacking. This way all of your units in the striking distance will fire when you engage the enemy.

Don’t forget to visit the official game page.

The Official FAQ



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