• Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: DreamsLair Entertainment
  • GD Star Rating

Ashtaria is a new role playing and adventure Facebook game, where you can choose your character from different races, and advance into different classes based on you choices along the game, its is a persistent browser game, with beautiful background visuals, and fluid gameplay.

Peace has been broken in the world of Ashtaria by the dark lord Kiran. Join the battle to restore it! Build your character and complete exciting quests as the story unfolds. Come play this advanced RPG brought to you by DreamsLair Entertainment.

Ashtaria features all the necessary ingredients of a good role playing game, with different races, classes and skill tree, inventory, weapons, armor and items, selling and buying in different stores, and lots of quests to do.

Music is soft and blends nicely with the game environment, Ashtaria is a calm and enjoying browser RPG that should be appreciated by some Facebook users.

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Ashtaria, 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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