• Genre: Simulation
  • Developer: LandShark Games
  • Monthly Users: 10000
  • GD Star Rating

Aviator is an aviation empire building Facebook game from LandShark Games, that promises to fulfill your desire for adventures, trading and fame, backed by numerous interesting quests and events,you can also help your friends as they build up their own empires and have them do the same to you too.

The plot is set in the early ages of commercial aviation, around 1930, you are a commercial pilot, starting your career, with a small plane, you have to do quests, and carry passengers for one city to another, or cargo and products.

Each flight will cost you fuel, because you have to refill your plane to fly, in return you get revenue from passengers, and from cargo, or even from some special quests that will come up along your journeys.

Each town has several locations to visit, the hotel where you meet other characters or pick up passengers, the depot for cargo, the market to buy cheap product and sell them high on other destination. There is also the workshop where you can upgrade and repair your plane or buy a better one.

As the story develops, is because Aviator is backed up by a nice storyline, you will unlock new locations and new items, upgrades and even new planes to buy.

Did I mentioned Aviator has a nice storyline? Yes it does, with great characters, nicely presented characters and locations, although the locations are pretty much the same, as buildings go, the background scenario represents each location nicely.

Aviator is all about trading routes, while you can make money from passenger and depot cargo, the best way to get money is to buy on the market cheap products to sell at another location for a higher price.

Aviator is a really nice simulation Facebook game, but can be a little repetitive after a while, never the less is great to play!

Tips and Tricks

You can read this above the game screen:

For those pilots facing technical difficulties…
If you are experiencing long “Waiting for Facebook”, you will need to empty cache and refresh.
For those using IE9 AND Secure Browsing (HTTPS) it’s a bit more difficult. In brief you will need to go to: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security(tab) -> Custom Level…(button) -> Settings -> Miscellaneous, and enable both “Display Mixed Content” and “Access Data Sources Across Domains”. For more details and to report problems please go to our fan page.

Aviator offer a great Help, a great tutorial, you can see all tips and trick and game basics by hitting the HELP button above the game screen.

You can check all screen from the tutorial on our images section too, just in case you missed something.

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Aviator, 4.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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