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Lots of users seem to find hard to discover Baby related games to play on Facebook, so we’ve taken a deep look into it a came up with a short list of games where you can feed, nurture and dress-up babies. We hope this will provide help to future users looking for the same genre of games.


Happy Baby

Feed, Clothe and Nurture your babies. Can you make sure all of your babies are Happy Babies?

Developer: MeetHi

Number of users: 97,191

Happy Baby, has really nice graphics, manga style, you have to name your baby, choose gender and general appearance, with lots of dress-up options on character customization.

Additionally, you have to feed your baby and nurture him, you get experience by doing this and leveling up will unlock new stuff, you can also write a diary and take photos, also you can add relatives, like aunt or grandmother to help you in the tasks. When your baby gets enough growth points, he can grow to the next age. You can also adopt more babies and chat with other players.

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Dress My Baby (no longer available)

Make your baby a style icon!

Developer: Games2win

Number of users: 2,083

Dress My Baby is just that, a dress-up flash game, where you can dress you baby by dragging the different items, each will give a reaction from your baby, good or not, you can remove clothes by dragging to the basket, there are two modes of play reality and fantasy, the later is play for fun, the former will present you situations where you have to dress the baby according to. Also flash based and without friend options.

Baby Adopter

Adopt and feed a cute little baby!
Feed, buy clothes, shoes and toys and take care.
Help your friends take care of their babies.
You have to feed your baby when he is hungry. He has to be with the energy equivalent of 30. Have to give him healthy food, take to doctor, bath, put to sleep, give vaccine, play with it etc … And do not let your baby get sick of course. This is the goal of Baby Adopter.

Developer: x2line

Number of users: 52,840

Baby Adopter plays a lot like Happy Baby, you choose the baby you like and “adopt” him/her, then you need to feed your baby every day and take care of him. You get points for that.
You can earn points by feeding your baby (25 points) when hungry – means you get points if you wait at least 1 hour after previous feeding. Or you can feed him with healthy food – see Health care section and get more points.
You can also earn points by care actions – see “Care actions” in the top menu. Care actions is another way to earn points. If your Facebook friends play Baby Adopter you can help them take care and earn points together.
For points you can buy toys, clothes and many things for baby room and bathroom, playground and playroom and as soon as you get more points than the price – the item is unlocked.
You can start a family on Baby Adopter and after 100 days babies grow and start to walk.

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Baby & Me

Baby & Me is a brand new social game everyone will love. Create your own customized virtual baby and mom and live the life of a ModernMom. Fun-filled games will challenge you as you go from the beach to the park, to the market and the playground. Whether you are planning a play-date or mom’s night out, it’s always new and exciting with ModernMom’s Baby & Me.

Developer name: Grab Games

Number of users: 1,294,014

Baby & Me is the best Baby related game on Facebook, you can check our review here, you have to take care of the baby as well of the mom, lots of stuff to do, mini games, experience, level-up, educational videos and much more.

As usual this list will be updated with new games as they become available, if you know any that isn’t on the list just let us know about it, thanks!

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