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Backyard Monsters, from Casual Collective mixes real-time strategy gaming with nice visuals and is available on Facebook.

In Backyard Monsters, players start off with a small stretch of unused grassland. On that they build a Town Hall (base) and all sorts of resource gathering, defensive and offensive buildings. The goal is expand the base, to attack other players and survive enemy attacks. All players are situated in the same world and the game goes on when players are not online. Both gathering enough resources and upgrading buildings often take hours.

Backyard Monsters revolves around four main resources; ‘Twigs’, ‘Pebbles’, ‘Putty’ and ‘Goo’. Each of these can be gathered using dedicated buildings. The resources must be stored in Silos and are used to buy other buildings, upgrade buildings and research and create creatures. Using ‘Shiny’, a fifth resource that can be bought for real money, people can buy certain improvements in game.

Every building has a specific function and is built by workers, taking a period of time and a sum of resources to develop. Upgrading buildings increases their functionality and health. The number of buildings and upgrades is limited and bound to the level of the Town Hall (that can be upgraded too).

Using a complex procedure, players can create a range of creatures, that are housed in pastures. After building a map room (to spot others) and a flinger (to catapult the monsters) players can unleash their monsters on other players. Doing so, they can destroy buildings and steal resources. In order to prevent this, players build towers that shoot enemies and walls that slow them.

Tips and Tricks


  • Town Hall: This is the basic building, and is needed to build everything else.
  • General Store: No function in itself, but opens store to buy things for Shiny.
  • Resource gatherers: Each of these continuously harvests resources. These are stored in an internal compartment and have to be collected in a storage silo for use.
    • Twig Snapper – Harvests twigs.
    • Pebble Shiner – Harvests pebbles.
    • Putty Squisher – Harvests putty.
    • Goo Factory – Harvests goo.
  • Storage Silo: A silo that stores resources. Resources have to be stored before they can be used.
  • Monster Locker: This building unlocks new creatures. To unlock a creature, one must have all the prerequisites and click it’s icon. Then it will start unlocking the creature over time.
  • Hatchery: Creates monsters, in exchange for Goo and time.
  • Monster Housing: As monsters cannot roam around freely, one must build Monster Housing to store them.
  • Towers: These defend against incoming enemies by shooting at them.
    • Sniper: Has long range, high damage, but reloads slowly. One of the two initial towers.
    • Splash: Has short range, splash damage and reloads quickly. One of the two initial towers.
    • Tesla: Attacks enemies with electricity. Damages multiple enemies at once and has medium range. Requires Town hall level 4 or higher. This tower has been available since July 31th, 2010.
    • Laser: Attacks enemies with a laser. Reloads very quickly. Requires Town hall with level 4 or higher. This tower has been available since August 13th, 2010.
    • Monster Bunker : Defensive structure that allows monsters to defend invaders. Available since January 7th, 2011.
  • Block : A simple block which protect buildings or channel attackers to booby trap or near towers. Originally there were wood and stone block, but it has been changed to upgradeable objects.
  • Booby Trap: Does high splash damage when enemies walk over it but is lost in the process.
  • Map Room: Lets players look into others’ bases and pick one to attack.
  • Flinger: Allows for launching monsters into others people’s bases.
  • Hatchery Control Center: Used to control all hatcheries at once. Initially cost shiny to build, but now requires only regular resources.
  • Monster Juicer : Used to recycle unneeded monsters back into goo.
  • Yard Planner: Used to quickly move some things around. This building gives you a bird’s eye view of your yard and makes moving buildings easier.
  • Monster Academy : Used to upgrade your monsters. You can upgrade only one kind of monster at a time and upgrading monsters costs a certain amount of putty. This building has been available since July 24th, 2010.
  • Wild Monster Baiter : Attracts wild monsters to the base when used. It is useful to check whether your base is strong enough to withstand attacks. This building has been available since August 13th, 2010.
  • Catapult : A siege weapon that attacks the other players’ base using twig missiles. Upgrading this building can allow players to add pebble bombers.

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