Battle Cards

  • Genre: Collectible Card Game, Strategy
  • Developer: Creara USA, Inc.
  • Monthly Users: 300
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Battle Cards – a unique tactical card game. Command the powerful, futuristic armies of enhanced warriors, powerful robots, and high tech weaponry.

Choose your faction – The Brotherhood; Sworn to defend the remnants of humanity through iron-fisted military might, or The Cult; A fanatic, nihilistic sect obsessed with alien technology. Take your place in this ongoing battle, fight your friends or team up with them, and push ahead through the storm of war to become a legend.

Battle Cards is a strategy card game, set up in a nice game scenario. You can fight against other players, you can invite or be invited to play on the game screen, as you advance you’ll have better cards to build your deck and become stronger.

Battle Cards universe is represented through numerous arenas (rooms) with 9 players each. You can switch rooms by choosing the desired location from the arena list. You can chat publicly or privately with players, examine their game profiles and duel them. To challenge a player click his nickname on the list to the right and then press the DUEL button. Then the match will start on a battlefield, where each of the players should make turns and summon desired cards to win the game.

Other card games have some king of story around it, like Warstorm or Tyrant, Battle Cards is what it says it is a more head-to-head type focused on the card strategy.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Battle Cards

You should finishing practice mode first to catch the idea of the basic game mechanics. To do so, press big blue practice button in the game lobby. However, only matches against real players will give you a rating, tokens and honor points, which are essential to progress this game further.

You should also remember, that in order to duel another player you should make a bet in tokens. The winner takes it all.

Card game rules.

The rules are simple. Two players, having six cards each, make turns.

There are two rocket launch pads on the battlefield. The bottom left is yours, the top right is the enemy’s.

Each rocket starts with a certain amount of health points.

The aim is either to build up your rocket and leave the battlefield or to destroy the enemy’s rocket completely.

There are two types of cards in the game. The red ones are the attacking type, they cost Attack Points. The blue ones are support/repair type, they cost Material Points.

Attack Points and Material Points are generated by the Attack Generator and Material Generator.

The quality of generator is described by the corresponding number that shows how many resources it produces within a turn. Some cards can increase generators or decrease them.

How to interact with other players?

There are two ways to play with other players:

  1. You can spawn a common invitation for all players in the room by pressing the big green button, saying PLAY WITH OTHER PLAYERS. Here you can adjust your autosearch settings, make your bet and setup other parameters. After that it will start searching the opponent automatically.
  2. You can invite a certain player to a duel. To do so, click his nickname in the list of players available in the room to the right and press DUEL button. The duel request will appear in the lobby, then it’s for your opponent to decide whether to answer your request or not. Don’t underestimate your enemies. Before dueling others, try looking through their game profiles and statistics to estimate how strong the opponent may be.

How to get stronger?

  1. Analyze you victories and defeats, build up your personal tactics, don’t use top cards outright and build up your economy.
  2. Upgrade your rocket (Profile -> Hangar). You can buy new modules for your rocket at the game shop (the page with a wrench sign).
  3. Use Artefacts and consumable items which give pleasant bonuses. They are available inside the game shop on the page with a sign of lightning. Some artefacts can be acquired in the game missions.
  4. Buy out new cards and invite your friends to assign them on crucial professions in the personnel page.
  5. Lock weak cards in the Deck Editor. So they will litter enemy’s hand. The editor is available right from the lobby or through Profile -> Hangar -> Deck Editor. Additional cardlocks can be bought at the shop.
  6. Unlock achievements (requirements are listed in the profile). Many of them give additional game bonuses.

You should read the entire game rules from the Game Page.


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