Battle Pirates

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Kixeye
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Battle Pirates is a real time strategy game featuring base building, exploration, and player vs. player combat.

Kixeye’s games are targeted towards hardcore gamers and is betting that Facebook is a platform where these types of gamers will continue to appear. Kixete games are all free-to-play and monetizes via virtual goods. In addition to Facebook, KIXEYE’s games are also published on the company’s own platform.

Battle Pirates is set in the year 2067 and Earth is covered in water. Due to a terrorist-sparked world war, only a small amount of Earth’s original landmass remains.

With a 95% extinction level, the only remaining survivors are split into two factions: the Foresaken, impoverished survivors who rely on engineering hacks, guerilla warfare and piracy, and the oppressive Draconian Empire, the once elite citizens of the who who’ve now become a giant military complex.

Players are required to build their island base from the ground up and strategically place defensive turrets on their island, research technology and armaments, and create up to 50 deadly ships with a variety of armor, weapons and hulls.

By adding friends to your crew, you are rewarded with special in-game bonuses. Then, try to dominate the world map by engaging in real-time synchronous PvP battles, attacking other players and Draconian fleets for precious resources.

Battle Pirates lets you build up bases, harvest resources, research and build ships, explore the ocean to uncover more of the map, then attack AI enemies (the Draconians) or other players to capture resources.

Battle Pirates is set to be an RTS strategy game for fans of the genre, as the social mechanics are really not present, besides the in-game chat.

Tips and Tricks

Battle Pirates Gameplay

The game runs on the same engine as Backyard Monsters, and as such is very similar to it. It revolves around the main building, the War Room, which allows the player to upgrade their buildings further and research new technology.

Building is done through a worker and researching is done independently. One can build ships to explore the sea and fight enemy fleets.


There are four main resources in Battle Pirates: oil, metal, energy, and platinum.

There are several buildings in Battle Pirates.

* Oil Rig – Gathers Oil.
* Platinum Refinery – Gathers Platinum.
* Metal Miner – Gathers Metal.
* Energy Generator – Gathers Energy.
* Storage Silo – Allows the player to store more resources.
* War Room –  Upgrades are prerequisites for research and several building upgrades.
* Trading Post – Allows the user to buy things using shiny.
* Academy – Allows the player to unlock different “admirals” and unlock certain upgrades using “stat points”.
* Dock – Allows the player to view the map and use their fleet.
* Ship Yard – Allows the player to design and build ships.
* Weapons Lab – Allows the player to research stronger weapon types.
* Naval Lab – Allows the user to research stronger hull and armor for their ships.


Weapons are components that can be placed on ships. They shoot various projectiles which damage other ships.

* Thud Cannon – Basic weapon. Shoots simple cannon ball projectiles. Has moderate range and damage and no splash.
* Rapier Missile – Missile launcher. Shoots a long range missile into target. Has pretty good range and damage and no splash.
* Diplomat Mortar – Launches mortars. Shoots mortar has a moderate range but good damage and splash.
* Ripper Cannon – Machine Gun. Shoots multiple projectiles at target. Has bad range and moderate damage and no splash.
* Hydra Rocket – Multi-Missile launcher. Launches around 5 missiles at target. It has moderate range and good damage and has splash.
* Cutlass Missile – Upgraded version of Rapier Missile.
* Peacemaker Mortar – Upgraded version of Diplomat Mortar.
* Maelstrom Rocket – Upgraded version of Hydra Rocket


The map is a large expanse of  “sea”.

This sea is divided into coordinates which are displayed in the top left corner of the map. Each person has their base assigned to a coordinate and a base icon is placed on that coordinate with their base name under it. Players can launch fleets out on the maps and command their fleets around to do various tasks.

The map has several objects represented by icons.

* Mines – Mines are unlimited resource sources that players can tap into and mine from. There are four types of mines, each corresponding to a different type of resource
* Player Bases – Player bases are set on a individual coordinate. Here is where players launch and recall their fleets from and to respectively. Players will be able to attack other player bases soon.
* Draconian Bases – Draconian Bases are the headquarters of Draconians, a heavily armed race of people. These are Non Playable Characters (NPC) somewhat like the wild monster outposts in Backyard Monsters. Players will soon be able to attack them.
* Salvages – Salvages are resources guarded by Draconians. To access those resources you must defeat the Draconian fleet guarding it. Once the fleet is defeated you are instantly given all the resources from the salvage.


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