• Genre: Action
  • Developer: BMD BetterWorld S.R.L.
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Welcome to the tank world, challenge your friends and engage them in tank-to-tank battles!

BattleMe is an action game, where you control some tanks and have to fight against other players. As you evolve you will have more and powerful add-ons to your tanks.
You start the game with an Assault truck, but later you have choices like cannon tank, light tank, heavy tank or even helicopter.

In each battle you start with an initial amount of money, this money is used to produce your units for this fight, each time you destroy and enemy units you receive money or resources (like gas), that you can use to produce more units.
The objective is to destroy the enemy missile silo, this happens when he has no more units to defend.

Tips and Tricks

How to play BattleMe


Coins F.A.Q.

What are the coins?

You can use coins to play the game. Each time you play it costs 5 coins (blue or gold).

What are the blue coins?

You can use the blue coins to play the game (5 coins per one game). You receive 15 blue coins daily for free, but they don’t stack up.

Can I get more than 15 blue coins daily?

Yes, you can get 20, 25 or even more blue coins daily if you activate the Super Coins from the Extras Tab.

What is the advantage of gold coins over blue coins?

Although the game price is the same (5 coins per game, blue or gold), the gold coins never expire and they do stack up. Also, you can use them to get super upgrades in the Extras Tab

How many gold coins does it cost to play once?

You need 5 gold coins to play a game once (or any combination for blue/gold coins).

How can I buy gold coins?

Go to the Get Coins Tab.

Can I buy blue coins?

No, you can only buy gold coins (which are better, because they never expire). But you can buy a Super pack to get more free blue coins daily in the Extras Tab.

Game F.A.Q.

Is the game real-time?

The game is real-time but it’s semi-automatic. It’s real time (as oposed to turn-based), because it’s a fast-paced strategy/action game. However, since it’s not a real multiplayer game, the computer plays as your enemy.

Is this a multiplayer game?

Unfortunately, no. The battles in this game are semi-automatic, which means that you are in control of your units, but the computer plays for your enemy. Therefore this is not a real-time multiplayer game, but is an online strategy game.

Referrals F.A.Q.

Do I earn gold coins if I tell my friends?

Yes, when you refer someone (via Invite Friends on Facebook, for instance), you’ll receive 10 gold coins.

Do I get any aditional bonuses from my referrals?

Yes! Every time one of your friends advance to a higher level, you get a gold coin.


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