Beauty Town – Fashion, Friends & Fun

  • Genre: Dress-up, Store Management
  • Developer: Dynamo Games Ltd.
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Beauty Town™ – Fashion, Friends & Fun is a dress-up and store management Facebook game developed by Dynamo Games. It is a game about fashion, you have to run your own Fashion shop, but like other games, instead of producing your goods, you have to order them, each item has a different arrival time and price.

Beauty Town features a lot of character customization, face, hair, body type and clothes, as should be expected in a game about fashion.

Other features include, the decoration of your shop with lots of different items, shelves and desks, wallpapers and floor types. You can also choose the external look of your shop.

The game features a small tutorial, showing the several options of the game, you have friends, decor, stock and wardrobe options, each with several stuff to do.

As the game goes on you have to serve your customers as they come into your store, each will ask for a different item of your display, you have to click the customer in time so it gets happy, if you don’t your rating will drop. But the best part of the game is when a customer want your opinion on what to wear, this will open the Style Selector, maybe the best part of the game, where, based on the client you have to advise the best choice, based on several aspects like the body shape or the combination of clothes.

As you gain experience and level up, more items and style advices will be available, this style advices will be available through you laptop at any time and can even be used as real life pointers.

Overall, Beauty Town is a very nice and different fashion and dress-up game, and at the same time an entertaining store management, graphics and sounds are standard, although the game seems a little to demanding on resources and seems to slow down a bit.

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