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Big Business is the place where you can develop your own business in a city.

You can start the game from producing raw material from farms, manufacturing products in the factories to selling final products in the supermarkets. It brings out the full experience of running the economy in a city.

Nevertheless, the game also raises the environmental protection awareness. Gamers need to balance their city with trees and environmental facilities.

Big Business  focuses on both production and refinement and, to a lesser extent, on the importance of city planning. True to its name, Big Business illustrates the interconnectivity of businesses throughout a city and the hard lesson that you must spend money to make money.

Big Business is a city building game,  you start by naming your city, and then you have to go through a tutorial on building, and setting up the first tasks.

Tips and Tricks

Big Business Strategy Guide and Tips

There are quite a few things that separate Big Business from the other city building Facebook games. For example, in this game, the business management system is much more complex and in-depth. You don’t just produce and sell goods, you can use goods to manufacture other, more expensive goods in order to make more money, which in turn allows you to build your city up and speed up your progression from a small, low-rent city to a big, rich metropolis.

An easy way to make a lot of money and gain experience levels rapidly is, like many other social games, to help out your neighbors all the time. What separates this from other social games, though, is that instead of having only five maximum actions you can perform in each neighbor’s city, you have no maximum number of actions. You can help out your neighbor as many times as you want, so use this to your advantage and add people who have built very very big cities. You can find other people who play Big Business using their official Facebook page (add people who comment on the page) as well as websites and forums where other players post.

Increase your population and your ecology to build more industrial facilities; however, once you have all of the industrial buildings you need, you can tear your houses down without decreasing your population at all whatsoever. Once your population is there, it’s there; it never up and leaves. So if you are running out of space to put industrial buildings or other entertainment facilities, just clear out some housing and build whatever else you need to build on the newly-created empty space.

Concentrate on upgrading your production facilities before anything else. Your farm and ranch can wait to receive upgrades of their own, because your milling plant, your confectionery plant, and your food plant are where the money’s at. The more and more complex the chains of contracts are that you set up, the more money you will generally end up making.

If you need to, build multiple kinds of the same production facility. It can be useful to have multiple farms, for example, especially once your milling plant is upgraded to level 4 or 5. This cam shave hours off of your total production  time by allowing you to stockpile ingredients so that your milling plant can always be active, easily transitioning from one contract to another.

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