Bingo Bash

  • Genre: Bingo
  • Developer: BitRhymes
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
  • GD Star Rating

Bingo Bash is action packed Facebook game of BINGO, from BitRhymes, with features like powerups and treasures that makes game super exciting!

In Bingo Bash users gain experience, use powerups for instant bingos or other surprises, unlock new locations to play, win trophies and chat with you bingo mates, all this in a Bingo game!


Tips and Tricks

Bingo Bash FAQ (From Official Game site)

Q:What are Wonders?

A:This is the page where the user can select a wonder of the world and start playing Bingo.Each Wonder gives different payouts(Coins,XP).Each Wonder has various Bingo patterns to call a BINGO making Game more Interesting.

There are 7 wonders.

2.Palm Island.
3.Grand Canyon.
5.Eiffel Tower.
6.Liberty Statue.

Q:How do I start a Game?

A:Click on “Explore” in the Wonders and you’ll be taken to the game screen where you can buy Cards using Bingo Chips.You can buy upto maximum of 4 cards for a game.

Q:How is Featured Room Different from the Wonders?

A: Featured Room is a special Room.
1.Rolling Blackouts-Daub all the Numbers to call a Bingo
2.Lettermania-Call Bingo on the predefined Alphabet Patterns Decided.

Q:How do i increase My chances of winning Bingo or getting more Rewards?

A:Grab Power-plays to increase the chances of Calling Bingo You can buy Power-plays from the shop.

There are 6 Power-plays:

1.Chip cell-Gives a free Chip when daubed
2.Money cells-Gives coins when daubed.
3.Money Bonanza- Will Double the payout on the coins.
4.Gem Cells-Gives gem of one color when Daubed.
5.Free Cell- Randomly Fills one or two cells in the Player card.
6.Instant Bingo-Gives Immediate Bingo when Daubed on it.

Q:How are Power-plays activated?

A:Three Daubs are required to activate the Power-play.
At the end of the 3rd Daub the Power-play is displayed over the Strength-O-Meter.Clicking on it will activate it.

Q:What are Gems and How can I use them?
A:Gems are special rewards given in the game.There are 4 gems,Red,Blue,Green,Orange.
You can merge Gems to Get Collection items,Bingo Chips,power-plays and Coins
You can buy them in the shop or Earn by daubing the cells with Gems.
You can always Merge the gems in the Lobby of Wonders page. You can see the option at the bottom left called “Gems Pattern”.You’ll also be shown the Pattern merge once your current Game is over after the Game summary Pop up.

Q:What are Collections?

A:Collections are the items you need to acquire throughout the Game.Each wonder has a collection of 12 items, out of which 8 can be bought from Store,2 from Free gift and 2 from Gems merge.Completing a Collection Increases your Daily Log-in Bonus by 2 chips.

Q:What are Trophies?

A:Trophies are rewarded for an achievement completed.You can check them by clicking on My Profile–>Trophies.There are 31 trophies to be won.
Each Trophy won will increase your Daily Log in Bonus by 1.

Q:What is Team Challenge?

A:Invite Your Friends and Create your Own Team.
Start a challenge and Win Bingo Chips.
You can have maximum of 100 Team mates in your Team.

Q:Where do I Buy Bingo Chips?

A:You can Purchase More Bingo Chips using Facebook credits by clicking on “Get Chips” tab.

Q:How do I get More Bingo Chips?

A:You can get more Bingo Chips by
1.Calling a Bingo
2.levelling up
3.Requesting from Friends
4.Merging Gems.

Q: What is “Daily Log in Bonus” and How do i Increase it?

A:Log in Bonus are the Chips rewarded for free every 24 hours.Number of chips rewarded depends on the current level of user and the Number of Collections completed.
Your Daily Bonus can be Increased by earning Trophies and Completing Collections.

Common Issues Faced By Users:
Q:My Game Freezes or takes forever to load or says “Connecting”?

A:You can try the following if the above issues are faced
1.If the Game is Freezing, Make sure have the latest Flash Player.You can update it by clicking on the link below.
2.Please clear your Browser cache and Cookies.This should solve your issue.If the issue still persists you can always Contact us.Also we recommend you to use Google Chrome as your Browser for the Best Experience of the Game.

Q:I Daubed the numbers and called BINGO but gave me a “BAD BINGO”?

A:Each Room has a Different Bingo Pattern.You can check the pattern by Clicking on the pattern Icon.This will show the Patterns allowed in the Room.

Q:I Bought BINGO Chips using Facebook Credits But Chips was not Given to me?

A:You can Contact us and give us the “order Id” placed. We’ll give you the Chips.

Q:Why am I seeing someone else Bingo Bash account when I log in?

A:If this is the case Please clear your Browser Cookies and load the Game.

To know how to delete Cookies,Please click on the Link below.’s-Cookies

I did not receive the Bingo Chips for Completing the Offer from “Earn Chips” Tab?

A:If this is the issue you are facing then Click on “Earn Chips” and Click on Help–> Check Your offer Status.

Having Frequent Disconnections and losing Cards?

A:If this is the issue you are facing then.
1. Please select the Yellow eye button at the top left of the Game screen and is set to low quality. Networking latency is a bit trickier issue as there are many sides involved in it. Try to contact your ISP if the problems persists.
2. Also make sure you do have other applications or Facebook Games in other Tabs as they consume your Bandwith and makes the Game slow.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment, someone will help you out!
And if you have additional tips, just share it using the comments!
And keep coming back, as we are always updating!!


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