Bingo Island

  • Genre: Bingo, Lotto, Slots
  • Developer: Mytopia
  • Monthly Users: 100000
  • GD Star Rating

Bingo Island is a bingo game for Facebook, it also has slots, great chat options and friendly environment for you to play with your friends and spend a nice time. If you want to hear the whole story just read on…

This review is quite a chance finding and it has a short story about it that I can’t resist telling you. I was actually looking for another game, as my daughter just asked me to play “the island game that has the monkey”, instead of browsing it through the hundred allowed game applications on my Facebook profile, I started typing “island” in the search box, and there they were, all island themed games… but one, almost in the end of the list, caught my attention, it had a really nice, colorful picture and so I decided to later explore it.
Entering the game information you are not right away enlightened of what type of game it is, I thought it could be two things, a Bingo game or another Island farming simulation type of game…
After you allow the application and watch the loading screen you think, It’s both!, I figured it’s an island simulation game, and it has a hut where you can play Bingo! Well I wasn’t completely wrong.

Bingo Island is a Bingo game, set in a Tropical Island and a great graphical environment, you are received by a Hula-hula hostess, the interface is very well designed, and you can get everything to fit in it.

You are introduced to the game interfaced through a clear tutorial and you can start playing right after choosing a room  from the many options in the Island. I’ll keep looking at rooms as Huts, can’t fight against it 🙂

As you can see in the screen above, on the left you have the chat screen it is really useful and used, as part of the bingo game is automatic and you just have  to pay attention to press the Bingo button when you win, that gives you plenty of space to chat with other players, do some gifting and receive too.

You also have slot to entertain yourself while you are at it, if you have credits.

You can also buy stuff on the store, to increase your popularity, luck, generosity and skill, all explained in tips and tricks section.

You also start with 5000 coins, and receive bonus for daily visits.

As a conclusion, Bingo Island is a great game to spend some time, chat with friends in a really nice game environment, all that is missing is the real Piña Colladas!

Note: I end up spending all my coins (again check tips and tricks), playing slots and multiple cards, and now I got to wait until tomorrow to get more money from the daily bonus (10000 in the second day), if it wasn’t for that, I would still be playing and that is a rare thing for me.

Tips and Tricks

How to play Bingo Island Guide

First get used to the interface by following the tutorial with some care.

You have to buy cards to play, each card has 24 numbers, but you only need to match those in the pattern to win.

You can play from 1 to several cards at once, you spend more coins but get bigger chances of winning.

Numbers appear in the highlighted area…

And you only need to mark them in your cards. (Beginner rooms mark numbers automatically)

When all your needed numbers are marked you just need to hit the Bingo button.

You have lots of rooms as you level up, you just need to go to the island in left low corner of the screen and choose one.

Some tips:

You can play slots when you are playing bingo, just remember you have to set your bet value, and if you choose to play all 7 lines, this value is multiplied by 7… I lost all my money this way 🙂

You can play several cards at once, in the early levels it is quite easy as it is automatic, but once you really have to click the numbers yourself it can be somewhat complicated as you can only see 3 cards at a time.

Player attributes:

Each player has 4 attributes: Popularity, Generosity, Skill and Luck. In order to advance in levels, you need to gain points in all four. You do so by playing the game, buying gifts to others and receiving gifts from them.

Popularity – Defines how popular you are. It can only be raised by getting gifts from someone else. Each gift you received will raise your popularity attribute by a certain number (usually tied down to the credits value of the gift). Popularity will not rise if you send a gift to yourself.

Generosity – Defines how generous you are to other players. It works much the same as popularity, only it represents a similar value when you buy someone a gift. Much like popularity, you can’t increase your own generosity by buying items to yourself.

Skill – There are 3 methods to win Skill points. Buying cards gives skill points as well as winning a bingo. Another method to win skill points is by marking numbers in manual rooms (or mark them in auto daub rooms once you disabled the auto daub feature).

Luck – The more luck you have, the greater your chances are to win a big Daily Bonus.

Daily Bonus

It’s free credits for you to use to play Bingo Island 2! The Daily Bonus is available every 24 hours, but you have to log into the application in order to claim it and add the credits to your balance. On the first day you play, you get 5,000 free credits to play, and then every day after that, when you open the game, you will get at least another 700 credits for your Daily Bonus.

Your Daily Bonus is affected by your luck and level in the game. The higher your luck and level, the bigger your daily bonus is.

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