• Genre: Football Manager
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Monthly Users: 60000
  • GD Star Rating

Bola is no longer available on Facebook

Whether you call it football, soccer or even “futbol”, Bola is an easy-to-play online sports Facebook game where you can play with your friends, challenge your rivals and score some serious goals.

In Bola, you manage your own team of athletes, choose your team colors and design your jerseys. Will you make your players look like the teams from your favorite country? Whether your team is modeled after Mexico, USA, Germany, Brazil, or Portugal or have its own unique look, you get to decide!

Manage your players and upgrade their skills to beat your opponents. Build and upgrade your own stadium. Acquire sponsors to earn more money for your team. Make a schedule and play matches against your friends. You can increase your standing and play tournament-style! It all boils down to this: play soccer and be the best team!

The world cup only happens once every four years, and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was huge. In Bola, you get to play soccer online all year long. Play Bola now and score some goals!

After opening the game for the first time you are prompted to choose your team colors, and build your stadium.

You have to manage many details, from stadium increase to facilities, ticket prices and sponsors, two that stand out being National Geographic and Fox Networks.

You will have to control your team team in each game. There are three modes: Practice, Tournament, and Social.

Tournament mode, allows users with enough experience (fans) and coin to enter and earn various trophies, prize money, and more fans.

The Social Matches are the best part of the game, as you can play against your friends or even random players. Another thing is that you don’t have to be both at the same time playing, because the other team is controlled by the computer.


Graphically speaking, Bola looks great. Has a lot of features and can be entertaining to many Facebook users, and not only soccer management fans.

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