• Genre: Pet game
  • Developer: Developer 434631
  • GD Star Rating

Create, raise, and play with your own creatures. Compete to become the most popular Boolee, and play whit your friends and lots of player in this free game !

Booleez is a pet game, like other on Facebook. The main feature is the wide range of possibilities on pet customization.

Booleez consist on designing your pet and keeping him clean, play games with him, and show them to your friends.

Booleez gameplay consists of cleaning your pet and playing games with it. You can play a variety of mini-games for entertainment and level up.

Boolez plays much like Pet Society, your Boolee lives in a room that you’re encouraged to decorate. Decorations cost money, which you earn mainly by leveling up and logging in every day. If you get really good at the mini-games you can earn money that way

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