Brain Buddies

  • Genre: Puzzle, Arcade
  • Developer: Wooga
  • Monthly Users: 50000
  • GD Star Rating

Brain Buddies offers its users a playful way to determine their brain weight. The game is focusing on a contest among friends to find the one with the heaviest brain. A large set of mini games as well as entertaining graphics make the game fun to play for a long time. 6 month after being launched, Brain Buddies has been played by over 10 million people from 220 countries, all together over 1 billion minutes of play time so far.

It’s a quiz game somewhat reminiscent of the Playfish title, Who Has the Biggest Brain? Players are tasked with completing brain-stretching mini games – for an enigmatic looking alien – that test one’s memory, logic, mathematical, and visual acuity skills.

Presented in a clean Flash format set in a space-age, alien world, the four games are very easy to play and understand. While the games are simple to pick up, it becomes difficult to attain the intellectual goals you are hoping for.

Unknown to the user at first glance are a number of hidden mini-games that can be unlocked as players improve their score. If you are good with names, then you’ll probably like the memory games better. If you enjoy numbers, then the mathematics will likely be your favorites.

Regardless of specific taste, this is certainly an entertaining game for those who like thinking games. Brain Buddies was launched in eight different languages.

Tips and Tricks

In the Calculation mini-game Don’t Drop This, and the Logic game Drop Box, you can use the keyboard or numeric pad to type in your answer.

You don’t have to the mouse to type in the right answer. This will save you many secs 🙂

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Brain Buddies – 10620g by Diego Vizia

Brain Buddies Black Hole

Brain Buddies – 5547

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