Bubble Paradise

  • Genre: Bust-a-move, Match-3
  • Developer: Social Point
  • Monthly Users: 8300
  • GD Star Rating

Bubble Paradise is yet another Bubble popping game on Facebook brought by Social Point, you have complete all the levels popping all the balls and bubbles.

Bubble Paradise follows a main history to save the bubble paradise against the angry Tyrannosaurus and the volcano.

As for the gameplay it is strait bubble popping, with no power ups or other stuff, the game world is divided into several small themed worlds, there are achievements, for number of popped bubbles at once, the fastest level, number of stages complete, etc…

When you pass a friend along the way you can tell him about it, and the number of lives you get depends on the number of friends you have in the game.

Overall, Bubble Paradise is just another, bust-a-move for those who really like to keep it simple, hard cored bubble popping funs.

Tips and Tricks

Bubble Paradise Walkthrough Cheat (this is a real spoiler), just hit the arrow down button and the “Caps lock” to finish the level… it really ruins all the fun 🙁

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Bubble Paradise, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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