Bubble Saga

  • Genre: Bust-a-move, Match-3
  • Developer: King.com
  • Monthly Users: 100000
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Bubble Saga is a spinning Bubble Shooter you can enjoy with your friends. Lots of cool power ups and special features to unlock.
Help Princess Love solve more than 50 unique levels as she travels across the universe to save the Prince.

Bubble Saga is another Bust-a-Move formula type of game that you can play on Facebook.

But Bubble Saga introduces some changes to the static Match-3 levels from other games, first, Bubble Saga is 3d rendered which give the game a very different look, the second and more important thing is that levels are not static, instead bubbles are attached to a central axis that moves each time you shoot a bubble, meaning levels switch every time you play a bubble, and adding much more difficulty but at the same time more playability.

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Bubble Saga, 4.4 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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