Bubble Witch Saga

  • Genre: Match-3, Arcade
  • Developer: King.com
  • Monthly Users: 1000000
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Bubble Witch Saga is a match-3 bust a move bubble game produced by King.com,also  responsible for Bubble Saga. Join the Bubble Witches and their cats! on a Saga-quest to break the evils spells. Features more than 70 amazing bubble levels.

In Bubble Witch Saga you have to shoot bubbles from a magic cauldron, and clear each level with distinction. It is a skill game, with limited amount of bubbles to shoot in each level and not time based, so you need to plan your strategy carefully to get the best score.

The game uses a map system that you have to go through, clearing several regions, and advancing to the next one, along your journey you will encounter your friends, and when you pass them you can send them messages telling precisely that.

Bubble Witch Saga feature lots of power ups, and some extra touches, like when you successfully burst bubble, spiders will drop down from the ceiling forming a peggle like system, that appears at the end of each level to multiply scores, if you don’t burst anything spiders go up.

Bubble Witch Saga is another great bust a move game on Facebook, and as always free to play with your Facebook account!

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Bubble Witch Saga, 4.2 out of 5 based on 47 ratings

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