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  • Developer: IceBreak Games
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In Cafe Life, you take the role of head chef in your very own dessert cafe. Create delicious confections such as cupcakes, tarts, macarons, and more! With decoration styles ranging from Victorian to Modern, you can design and customize a unique cafe with your own sense of style and flair. Invite your friends to play Cafe Life and compare your designs with your friends’ cafes.

Cafe Life will make frequent updates with new desserts, drinks, and decorations, so remember to click on the “Like” button above to receive updates from us! Play Cafe Life and start making your desserts and drinks!

Cafe Life is a Facebook game from Icebreak Games where you can run your own cafe, this is another restaurant simulation on the line of Cafe World or Restaurant City.

In this particular game you can serve beverages and desserts, you also have to manage your establishment by hiring friends as employees, buy decorations to enhance the look of your cafe, learn new recipes as you level up and buy new furniture and functional items like ovens or cofee machine, to produce better and faster products to your customers.

When you star most of this options will be presented as task for you to do, it starts with really simple ones like hiring a friends to work with you, or to buy some specific furniture like chair, each quest presents on of the game recurring tasks, and this way you can learn them easily, and get some rewards which gives a nice sense of progression to the game.

As a bonus you will face some side quest such as adopting pets that you can then have in your cafe.

Cafe Life is pretty active socially as most of Facebook games, as you can visits your friends and help in some daily task and get rewarded for it, you can send gift etc… the usual.

Graphics and sound are of standard quality when compared to other games from the genre.

Cafe Life is another good option if you like restaurant simulation games.

Tips and Tricks

Cafe Life guide

As you star to play Cafe Life, you have to choose your avatar, first your gender and then your general look.

You are then introduced to the basic gameplay, there is a menu in the bottom part of the game:

From left to right:

Hire friends- You are the cook and have to stand behind the counter, so you need someone to serve your customers, hire friends to work with you in this buttons, as you progress and you cafe grows you will need more friends.

Decorations – Here you have the shop where you can buy several items, premium items, limited edition items, your warehouse, where you can store items, expansion options, to further expand your cafe, functional items, quest items and chef tools.

The third item on the menu options is where you can dress up and customize your avatar. Already shown.

The next button is the functional items options, this is also available from the decorations button, this are items you can use to serve more options to your customers, will unlock as you level up, as the majority of the other items in the game.

The next option is the Mastery system, this is basically your cookbook, where you learn your recipes, each time you cook one recipe you will get mastery point, and again, as you level up you will have more recipes available.

Next button is the photo button, where you can take photos and share with your friends.

Now you have the expansion button, to expand your cafe, again this is also available from the first button, decorations.

And finally you have the gist inventory and the send gift button, both quite self explanatory.

On the left portion of the screen you will have several quest or task, finish them and you gain some type of reward, experience, new pets, etc..

And thats about it, enjoy the game and share…

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