Candy Shop

  • Genre: Restaurant
  • Developer: Tall Tree Games
  • Monthly Users: 700
  • GD Star Rating

Candy Shop is another restaurant management game for Facebook, we already have titles like Café World or Cafe Life or even Tea4friends among many others, so what does Candy Shop bring to the choices? It uses the candy theme, it focuses on sweet things, but other than that is more of the same, all ends up as a matter of how many friends are playing the game, and to each individual taste on the themes offered.

On Candy shop you have the same basics things, you have to cook your recipes, adding a series of ingredients and waiting for it to be ready. As usual the longer it takes the more profit you get. You start with some basic recipes, and as you gain experience by producing your items and selling them, you have access to more a more elaborated recipes. The same thing happens with, utility items such as chocolate machines, candy machines, stoves or case displays.

One particular thing to Candy Shop is the separation of recipe types by books, your start you a recipe book of chocolate, and as you level up you will get access to more recipe books like, candy recipes  or Baked Goods book.

You start the game with some temporary employees, which is a nice touch to help you out while you don’t hire some friends.

You can also send gifts to your friends, visit them at their Candy Shops, etc…

Candy Shop doesn’t differ much from other games of its genre, it is another option, with another theme…

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