• Genre: Match-3
  • Developer: SparklingBit
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CandyCash is  a new Match-3 game by SparklingBit available on Facebook, CandyCash combines frantic speed-clicking action with a deep gameplay. Collect coins to level and unlock new bonus tiles!

CandyCash gameplay is actually a variation of the one found on Candy Dash by Vostu, or even other similar games mostly jewels or Gem matching themed. The game is played in 60 seconds rounds, (with some time extensions provided by some powerups), where you have to remove groups of at least three adjacent tiles of the same color by single clicking on them. The remaining tiles slide down, filling up the gaps created by the removed group.

The twist in CandyCash is that opposed to other similar games, any removed tile is replaced by a new tile. The board is filled up with random tiles dropping in from the top, so it will never be empty. Basically, CandyCash is like Candy Cash game on endless.

You have to spend one heart or life for each round, which will be recoverd over time, or given by friends. This limits the game time and makes it the perfect choice for a “game for in between”, triggering the player’s “just one more game” nerve. There is no downtime, the game is intuitive and the  learning curve is rather smooth. CandyCash is just instant action and compressed  entertainment.

The key to success in CandyCash are the bonus tiles. These tiles are having different effects on the game. For instance, one bonus tile removes an entire column and row. Another one removes all tiles of one color and so on. The spawning of those bonus tiles is random, but the “dice roll”, although never completely controllable, is affected by the actions of the player.
In addition, CandyCash offers a level system which grants the player new bonus tiles as he levels up, thereby increasing the chances for new high scores and sustaining the long term motivation.

CandyCash Features:

  • Level system
  • Numerous bonus tiles (Color Crusher, 5*5 bomb, Laser, Multipliers etc.)
  • HOT bar, indicating the frequency of successful clicks and responsible for triggering new bonus tiles
  • Coins that can’t be removed directly and need to be shifted all the way down to the bottom of the board
  • High Score lists with friends
  • Weekly and Monthly tournaments
  • Achievements

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