Castle Age: Heart of Darkness

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Phoenix Age, Inc
  • Monthly Users: 9600
  • GD Star Rating

Castle Age: Heart of Darkness is a role playing game where you take on the role of a warrior that is awakening to fight in a world of Darkness, you journey will lead you to defeat Epic Monsters such as Demons and Vampire Lords with Friends! Control Mighty Guardians to give you strength in battle! Along this journey you can obtain powerful items to enhance your power and Quest to learn the secrets of alchemy and ancient spells.

Castle Age: Heart of Darkness plays much like Mafia Wars or Martial Arts Master, your quests are done by pressing the Quest button, and watching the progress bar to rise in percentage until 100%, also as in Mafia Wars, there are several levels to each quest, in this case 5 levels, while performing quests you spend a certain amount of energy and get rewarded with gold and experience.

As you level up you get access to more quests with increased requisites on energy, and eventually some items that you can buy in the Town section.

For each finished quest and level up you will receive skill points, to improve your attributes, which are, attack, defense, energy, stamina and health. This skills or attributes are quite self explanatory, attack increases your attack, defense your defense, energy allows to perform more quests, stamina is used in battles and health is your health points 🙂

The game has almost no introduction or tutorial, so if you are new to the genre, you will feel a little lost at the begin, if you are the patient kind you can check out the game menus, on top, and discover your options and overall gameplay, if you are not… it can be a bit confusing and disappointing.

You can also buy equipment, weapons, armor, etc, to improve your chances in combat, recruit guardians, summon epic monsters, and ask for the help of demi gods or visit the Oracle for refills.

Friends are very important to progress in the game, like Mafia Wars, instead of Mafia, you have armies, the greater your army (friends) the bigger are your chances of success, you can also create guilds or join existing ones.

Castle Age: Heart of Darkness visuals are well put together creating a very involving scenario, but the energy system is to demanding, it goes out quickly, and if you are not willing to pay, you can play for as long as 5 to 10 minutes at a time…

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