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Castle Age is a new role playing / strategy Facebook game where you fight another players armies, you can invite your friend as allies of attack them!

Castle Age portrays all the basics features, with your standard stats of attack, defense, stamina, energy, etc. Players do quests to gain experience, or fight players to gain dominance. They even visit town to buy equipment to become stronger and expand land to earn income.

The game starts with a small story of their burning home and are immediately prompted to choose on whom to save. The character becomes their first hero/general which allows them to actually do quests. As you progress, certain quests can be done with any hero, and others require a specific one that they may find or purchase later.

Also, various heroes grant their own unique bonuses to the player. Later, you can unlock, through quests, or buy other heroes for different bonuses. However, you can use only one hero special abilities at a time by equipping him as a general, meaning that this will likely play into some strategies at later levels. Soldiers are needed for your army so can complete the several quests and fight other human opponents.

The artwork plays a lot in the connection to the game as a whole. Castle Age has some absolutely gorgeous fantasy art. Each screen has a character that no matter how insignificant they seem, is dynamic and memorable to look at.

As the story unfolds each piece will requiring more experience to be earned.

From time to time,you will encounter a boss to fight. There will be a story introduction to the character, and you will have to use your skill to defeat him a move on.

The boss fight is open for several hours. Each boss has a great deal of hit points, requiring many attacks to defeat it. Since one attack uses one stamina, and players have relatively limited stamina before they must wait for it to recharge, help from friends becomes very useful.

You can actual issue a “Call to Arms” that cries for help so your friends can join and attack as well, earning a little bit of experience for themselves each time they take a swing at the boss.

Additionally, players can also invite friends to join to not only grow their army size, but assign them to their Elite Guard as well. This improves the social depth as the Elite Guard are friends who are assigned to specific jobs – Cleric, Thief, Paladin, etc.


– Raise an army of Knights, Elves, Angels and other mythical creatures!
– Defeat Epic Monsters like Hydras and Dragons with Friends!
– Control Mighty Heroes to lead your army into battle!
– Obtain powerful items to equip your General and army!
– Quest to learn the secrets of alchemy and ancient spells.

Tips and Tricks

The Home section of Castle Age contains links to easily access many parts of the game, as well as provides some general information. To buy things with your Favor Points, Short Cuts to the Extra Invites, Oracle and Monsters Sections, as well as News and Battle News.

  • At the top left corner, is a link to the treasure chest.
  • Just below that shows the special monthly Heroes, Units, Items, and Magic. Which hero set you see here depends on your player level.
  • In the top right is the Reinforcements box.
  • Below that gives access to your Master and Apprentice page.
  • Below that gives access to your Gift page.
  • Below that gives access to your Monster page.
  • Below that gives access to the Demi-Powers.
  • Below that is the news feed.
  • And at the bottom of this column is your Battle News Feed.

Battle News Feed

  • Battle News lets you know who attacked you. It also tells you if you won or lost, how much gold you have won or lost, and how many battle points you have won and lost. It also provides the link to the keep of the attacker to use however as you please. If you are killed in battle, it will also be listed in this feed. Unfortunately, the feed does NOT tell you how they fought you (either by invading or dueling) so be careful when counterattacking.


Quests are tasks that you can do to earn experience, gold, and items. There are three buttons on the Quests page:

Every quest requires a certain amount of energy and most require an additional soldier and/or gear quota.

Whenever you successfully complete a quest, you will gain influence for that quest. Once your influence for a quest reaches 100% you will gain one skill point.

Once you have 100% influence in four out of the five quests in a quest area, you will unlock access to a special mission. Once you complete an area’s special mission, you will unlock that area’s sub-quests.

Main Quests

Each quest area has at least five main quests and a final special mission.

There are currently thirteen main quest areas to explore:

  • Land of Fire
  • Land of Earth
  • Land of Mist
  • Land of Water
  • Demon Realm
  • Undead Realm
  • Underworld
  • Heaven
  • Ivory City
  • Earth II
  • Water II
  • Mist II
  • Mist III


When you have completed an area’s special mission, each quest will have two sub-quests under them. Sub-quests can be completed using any general. Like main quests, when your influence for a sub-quest reaches 100% you will gain one skill point.

Whenever a main quest and both of it’s sub-quests are completed to 100% influence, the influence bars will return to 0% and will increment 1 level. This process will repeat until it maxes out at level 4. During each level of influence the progress bar for the main quest will have a different color:

  • Level 1: Green
  • Level 2: Bronze
  • Level 3: Silver
  • Level 4: Gold

Remember that every time you complete a quest or sub-quest to 100% influence you gain one skill point. Therefore, there are 12 skill points available for every main quest and it’s 2 sub-quests. Likewise, 60 skill points available for each quest territory.



Atlantis Quests are quests that take place underwater.

There is currently only one tab in the Atlantis Quests section:

  • Atlantis


Achievements can also be earned for completing 5, 25, and 50 quests and/or sub-quests to level 4 influence.


Make sure you use the correct general so you gain influence.

Complete quests and sub-quests that require a small amount of energy to get extra  skill points.

If you need to purchase soldiers for a quest, equip a general that reduces the cost like Penelope or Garlan. Make sure to buy those soldiers in town.

If you are about to level up, get as close to the next level without actually leveling and then do a quest that rewards a large amount of experience. The experience you earn will carry over into your next level.

More tips

Make friends to grow your army.

Having a huge army is very important in this game. Not only will it increases the players offensive and defensive capability, it serves as a deterrent from potential invaders. However, the only way to increase army size is to recruit real players to join my army. Here comes the problem.


Stashing of cash.

The game allows players to stash their cash and charges the fees of 10% from the amount stashed. This is quite expensive but the alternative is worst. If you leave your cash unstashed and are attacked by a stronger army, you will be robbed. Additionally, this will attract more attackers and you run the risk of being attacked repeatedly.

Choose you battle.

Do not attack people at random. Choose your target carefully.


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