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Facebook Games walkthrough for CastleVille game on Facebook will give you a full introduction to the game, as well as guide you through the tutorial, with step-by-step directions to help you in the early stages of CastleVille and get you in the right direction.

The first this you need is to have a Facebook account, if you still don’t have one, all you need is to go to and create one, it’s free.

If you already have a Facebook account, all you need is to go here, and allow the application in the dialog box.

Just wait the game to load, and you will get a welcome screen like this:

Just hit the “let’s play!” button, and you are on the character selection screen.

Here you can choose your character gender, and looks, body type, face, facial hair type and clothes, once you are satisfied with you avatar just hit the “SAVE” button. This will take you to the game, where you will find the DUKE and a maiden fighting some rats, help them out by clicking the Rats to fight them:

After finishing the rats, the Duke will talk to you, and will show is gratitude by giving you a piece of land, your kingdom, you will also meet Yvette, the first character in the game that will stay with you.

Each character you will find to live in your kingdom will give you tasks or quests to perform, in this case Yvette needs a place to stay, so here is your first task:

The raise a Roof quest requires you to place the foundations of Yvette house (which is given to you), you can do this by going to the inventory and choosing Yvette’s house, then just place it where you like, it will be outlined in green if it is a suitable place, red means you cannot place it.

Once you place the house, you have to gather materials to build the house, in this case wood, just chop a tree to get 1 wood, then click on the house foundation to build it.

You have now completed your first quest, and should get the following screen:

Each completed quest will give some type of reward, in this case, 500 coins and 4 experience, by now you should alreay be in level 2, and have seen this screen:

Each level up will unlock new items, represented in bottom of the screen.

The next thing is name your kingdom…

CastleVille quest are placed in the left side of the game screen, some will be given by The Duke, others require you to click on character with a question mark over them, clicking on Yvette will give you your next quest, that involves visiting the market to buy some chicken, and feed them, just follow the game instructions.

Place the 4 chicken and them click them to feed.

Meanwhile the Duke will ask for your help, visiting friends is done by clicking on their portrait in the bottom of the screen, once you get to the Duke’s kingdom you need to fight a wild rat, just click on it to defeat him, and get the Duke’s gratitude.

When visiting friends you can do 5 actions, collect rent from buildings, help on crops or feed animals, once you do the 5 actions you will get a reward, usually energy and some kind of resource.

Remember to visit friends regularly to get energy!

You will now be asked to invite friends to the game:

Just hit the “INVITE FRIENDS!” button…

On the next screen all you have to do is hit the send invite button, because all friends are already selected, you can  unselect friends you don’t which to invite, by removing the check mark.

Just keep hiting the “SEND INVITE” until you are satisfied with the number of friends or you get to 100% in the bottom bar.

Next thing to do is to learn how to expand your kingdom and get new characters, The Duke, will explain your kingdom is surrounded by magical murk, and the only way to fight it is by building you castle:

On the edges of the visible area of your kingdom you will have square areas,called gloomed areas, that you can click to expand your kingdom, each will require castle points, that you get by placing castle parts, like castle walls.

Look in the market for items with a castle icon:

Int the case above, you need 10 hearts to buy 1 rubble tower, you get hearts  by visiting your friends! Both items give 1 castle point! Each gloomed area requires a minimum number of castle points to unlock.

New characters will be appearing in the game as you play and advance, each will have tasks and quest for you, so don’t forget to check on them, look for a question mark.

The last thing you need to know is that from times to times, enemies from the Dark lord will attack your kingdom, and you will need to fight them, you endangered buildings and items will be highlighted in red until you don’t defeat them.

One last thing on buildings, some buildings will require staff members to work, like the Maiden’s Tower, you need to ask friends to staff it!

And that’s it! Congratulations, you have finished our tutorial and can now continue to play CastleVille with your friends, have fun!

You can see important tips about CastleVille on our tips and tricks.

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