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CastleVille is the latest Facebook Game by Zynga, a medieval city building and adventure game. Much was expected from CastleVille, with all the advertising and teasers made by Zynga,  if you play any of their games, you have for sure already received a couple of e-mails talking about the game, about the characters and the story, just like what happens in the cinema industry with a Premiere. You can now officially create your happy ending!

The thing is, CastleVille actually looks and feels like a great production, all of Zynga’s know how is present in this game, with fantastic graphics, cute looking characters and astonishing soundtrack, the game mixes role playing with known elements, like farming and building, all presented with a great storyline, where you are slowly introduced to the several game characters each with different missions for you to accomplish.

The gameplay is quite similar to other games like CityVille or FarmVille, energy is what you need to perform your actions, which in return give you experience and resources, you have to balance the use of resources like wood or stone, and collect them by chopping trees or mining rocks. These are necessary to build houses for the characters you encounter along the game.

Another important aspect of the game is the castle level, which is increased by adding parts to your castle, some you need to buy, others you need to ask friends for parts, like usual. In order to unlock and expand your kingdom, you will need a certain castle level for each expansion.

Technically, CastleVille is almost flawless, with fluid animations and gameplay mechanics, for example, if you need 8 wood, all you need is to click several times on the same tree until it shows the number you want of resources, then you can do other actions, like going to the market, or mining a stone, and it will perform all the actions quickly and easily.

Hiring friends is totally viral, I managed to invite almost 1000 friends to the game in less than 5 minutes, all you have to do is hit the send invitation button and wait a little for the pop up authorization, click send, and invite more friends, you can invite 24 on each click, and there is no daily limit!!!

Other social actions include visiting friends, helping out in their kingdoms by collecting from buildings or sometimes fighting enemies, which will also appear in your kingdom from time to time to menace your animal and inhabitants.

Overall, CastleVille is what Zynga has been announcing for some time, a fantastic and absolutely gorgeous game set to be one of the most played in Facebook! What are you waiting for? Just hit the play now link on the bottom of this page and create your happy ending!

Tips and Tricks

CastleVille Quick Tips

To make quick progress in Castleville:

  • Use ENERGY wisely!
  •   Concentrate on completing quests. Don’t use all energy resources clearing trees and rocks.
  •   Collect only necessary amount of materials.
  •   Increase nobility by purchasing castle buildings. Castle expansions have nobility requirements before expansions are allowed.
  •   Explore the gloom for big rewards!
  •   Satisfy the needs of friendly subjects. Each character offers special rewards and provides helpful tips.

Expanding into the gloom

Gain progress by constructing royal structures and expanding into the gloom. Requirements must be satisfied before expansions are unlocked.

Useful tips for successfully expansion:

  •   Review all expansion requirements and costs. Each gloomed area requires different resource amounts.
  •   Exploration Gems are a key requirement for expansions. Keep a handy quantity in your inventory.
  •   Remember! Exploration Gems are crafted from crystal shards. Fish and defeat beasties to gain crystal shards.

How do buildings work?

Constructing buildings is a critical function in Castleville. Completing buildings will expand crafting recipes, increase total nobility score and generate resources.

Important facts on earning the most from buildings:

  • Construct new buildings through the marketplace.
  • There are 4 different building types available:
    • Royal: Increase nobility, expand the kingdom and collect those taxes!
    • Crafting: Use materials to craft useful items.
    • Resource: Produce resource goods (wood, stone, ore).
    • House: Generate taxes, reward coins.
  • Concentrate on building Royal buildings first. Royal buildings:
    •   Reward nobility required for expansions.
    •   Generate additional tax revenue and nobility as crew members tend buildings.
  • Build the 3 primary Crafting buildings:
    •   Workshop: Use building materials and tools to forge items.
    •   Kitchen: Cook consumable items with cooking recipes.
    •   Studio: Craft decoration pieces and work orders.
  • Craft support buildings to unlock new recipes for primary crafting buildings and collect additional materials.
    • Explore the market place to unlock these buildings. Take note of level requirements or unlock with crowns.

Playing with friends

Playing with friends and visiting neighbors is important to maximizing rewards. Here are the benefits to look out for when interacting between neighbors.

Notes on neighbor rewards:

  • 5 neighbor actions must be completed in order to ensure the maximum number of rewards is collected.
  • A lightning bolt next to a neighbor’s photo indicates an energy reward is available. Complete all necessary neighbor actions to earn this.
  • Reputation points can drop during neighbor actions. Specific marketplace items can only be purchased with reputation points. Without visiting neighbors these items can never be purchased!
  • Alchemist powder is a rare material rewarded through neighbor visits. Not every visit will reward alchemist powder. To make sure you earn the most alchemist powder, visit as many neighbors as possible!

Earning Nobility / Building a Noble Castle

Collect nobility points to increase total nobility score, meet expansion requirements and upgrade castle looks.

  • Helpful tips when building a noble castle:
  • Royal buildings reward large amounts of nobility points.
  • Walls and gates offer small amounts of nobility points.
  • Focus on building Royal buildings when expansion is necessary.
  • Removing Royal buildings or gates and walls will decrease nobility score.
  • Place Royal buildings on castle ground to earn greater rewards.

How to enhance planting and crops

Planting and harvesting is good way to generate additional coin revenue and experience points during game play. Use the following helpful tips to optimize game play and use planting and harvesting to gain an advantage.

Helpful tips for fast planting and harvesting:

  • Extra farm plots can be purchased at the marketplace under the Nature tab.
  • Place farm plots next to ANY water source to speed up harvesting.
    • Water source examples: moats, wells, ponds
  • Crops wilt if cycle times have expired.
    • Wilt time is 3.5x grow time.
    • Example: Grapes are ready to harvest 5 minutes after being planted. Grapes will wilt after an additional 17 minutes has passed.
  • Plant crops with high cycle times so they do not wilt.
  • Crops with short cycle times have a higher coin reward per cost ratio.

How to hire crew members

Royal buildings have crew requirements before final construction can be completed. Hiring friends and neighbors for crew positions is recommended. Crew members have the ability to revisit royal buildings and collect a daily bonus rewards.

3 ways to hire crew members:

  • Send a request to a neighbor or Facebook friend.
  • Use a work order to hire a subject (crafted through the Studio).
  • Hire crew members directly using crowns.

Why is crafting important?

Crafting items is a core function to making progress in Castleville. Buildings, expansions and other challenges will have completion requirements, many will require specific items that must be crafted before additional progress can be gained.

Tips on Crafting
• Build the 3 primary Crafting buildings:
o Workshop: Use inventory materials to forge items.
o Kitchen: Cook consumables with inventory ingredients.
o Studio: Craft decoration items and costume pieces from inventory goods.
• Build high-level crafting buildings to expand crafting recipes. More crafting buildings equals more crafting options.
o Examples: Blacksmith, Mill, Tailor, Quarry, Bakery
• Use the Crafting menu to gain helpful tips and hints.
o Hover over individual ingredients to uncover location hints.
o Review descriptions for item use cases.
• Be strategic with crafting: materials will be rare and used for multiple recipes.
• Build additional primary crafting buildings to craft multiple items at a time.

The above tips and more can be found on Zynga Support Page here


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