Catch a Killer

  • Genre: Hidden Object
  • Developer: Sony Online Entertainment
  • GD Star Rating

James Patterson Catch a Killer is no longer available

In James Patterson’s: Catch a Killer, you’re the detective on a thrilling chase to stop murderers before they claim their next victim. Team up with Alex Cross and your friends to search crime scenes, discover evidence, and interrogate suspects.

Catch A Killer is based on the bestselling novels of James Patterson, America’s #1 thriller author. Step into the mind of a monster and unlock the secrets behind each murder. It’s up to you to Catch A Killer.

The basic premise of Catch a Killer is that you’re an assistant working for James Patterson’s famous detective Alex Cross, solving the sorts of cases that come up in Patterson’s best-selling novels.

Your tasks typically involve scouring an area of objects that might hold clues, examining objects to remove evidence, and playing mini-games that represent your character “analyzing” the evidence.

Once you’ve found all the evidence you possibly can in a case, then you close it and move on to the next one.

Catch a Killer is a simple-looking but well-designed game. The menus are intuitive and the realistic, HOG-style artwork is engaging.

As you level up, you’ll unlock more cases to solve.

If you can have a little patience with the load times, you can enjoy a pretty faithful recreation of the feel of Patterson’s novels. Being able to share the experience socially through Facebook is only an enhancement.

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