Championship Manager: Rivals – Football & Soccer

  • Genre: Football Manager, Sports
  • Developer: Jolt Online Gaming
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Championship Manager – The classic football sim comes to Facebook! Manage your favourite team, through all the triumphs and the disappointments and bring home the cup! Choose formations, playing styles, tactics and training, negotiate transfers and ensure you keep the board happy.

Championship Manager: Rivals is the premier football sim with 9 leagues to choose from, real teams and real players, it’s gaming fun every true footie fan will love!

Championship Manager: Rivals is a Football management game, you have to coach your team, setup game tactics and substitutions, buy and sell players.

You start the game by choosing your team from multiple leagues including the Italian, German, Spanish, French and English first divisions.

You can invite friends to play and you will receive bonus cash for doing so, but this is as far as social features go for the moment, you also chat with other players, friendly matches are planned to be integrated soon.

Championship Manager: Rivals is a solid manager game, training is necessary to keep your team as fit as possible, after every match your players fitness goes done a little, so you have to do some training to balance, also you should try different training exercises to obtain the best overall result.

Overall the still misses some key features, the other managers have, but is likely to be a nice choice for football manager fans.

Tips and Tricks

Training, Fitness and Boost FAQ

Q: What is training?
The training feature allows the player to customize their team’s training to get the best level of

Q: Do I need my team to have a high level of fitness?
When the Team Fitness is high the team will play better.

Q: Can I unlock training activities?
You can unlock training activities and training schedule slots with levels or credits

Q: How do I know when training complete?
You get feedback when training is complete.

Q: I can gain boosts for my team?
Your players and/or team will have bonuses to their skills in the match based on the Special
Training effects.

Q: What happens if my team’s fitness is too low?
If your fitness level is too low you will not be able to play a match!

Q: Tell me about the fitness bar.
The fitness bar represents your team’s fitness visually. It’s a handy tool for quickly seeing if your
team needs to train.

Q: What are training boosts?
These are the ‘markers’ or slots to the left of the fitness bar in the main screen. These are filled
when you complete training tasks with boosts attached (the same slots are shown on the training

Q: So if I train set pieces, dribbling and shooting along with warm up and cool down I’ll get all those
fitness bonuses to the team fitness AND the three boosts from the first three training tasks?

Q: How long do the boosts last for?
These boosts last for only one game.

Q: How and where do I train?
You can train by clicking on the training button

Q: Is there any cost to train?

Q: What kind of cost?
Training tasks take time, coins and (in some cases) premium currency. Training activities cost
coins. If you wish to unlock types of training quicker than normal you must have the premium
currency to do so (if you wish to unlock them) and begin them. Once training is started you have to
wait for it to finish. You can reduce this wait with premium currency.

Q: How many do I have to begin with?
Only 4 will be available to the beginning player.

Q: How many tasks can I schedule in one go?
There are 4 time slots to begin with. You can unlock more.

Q: So if I have 6 available tasks I won’t be able to train all at once?
No you will need to decide what benefits your team most in overall fitness and specifically for
their next fixture (in terms of boosts).

Q: Can I finish training early?
Yes, this will have an associated cost in premium currency depending on the tasks chosen.

Q: Can I cancel training?

Q: Do I keep the coins or credits I used to start the training if I cancel?
No you will lose the initial currency spent.

Q: When I set up a training regime, does it matter where I place activities? Do I always need to start
with a warm up for example?
Certain activities will give a boost to the total if placed at the right spot (e.g. first and last in the
sequence). Other activities can give a boost to another activity if placed before it.

Q: How can I find out all the possible combos and benefits?
There is a visual on the Fitness bar (Shadow effect) of how much fitness your team will gain
from the training schedule you are building. Try mixing and matching tasks to get the greatest

Q: Does my fitness decrease when I play a match?

This information is from the game forum, you should also check the game Guide here

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