Chef Quest

  • Genre: Cooking
  • Developer: Funtank LLC
  • GD Star Rating

Chef Quest is a Facebook cooking game, where you have to prepare different dishes, buy ingredients, learn new recipes and travel around the world, meeting different Master Chefs and learning recipes with them, and proving you can get a place among the best Chefs in the World.

The re is only one similar game available like this, Cooking Mama was until now the best cooking game on Facebook, but with Chef Quest things have changed, as this is a really great game, well done, with and interesting story and plot, lots of different places and recipes to learn and cook, and a big variety of gameplay.

In Chef Quest, you start with a tutorial from one of the World Chefs, it teaches you to play and get around in the game, the basics include, how to travel around the world meeting the different chefs and learning new recipes from different parts of the world, in order to do this you need to buy the right ingredient, which is quite simple, all you need is to visit the Chef Mart, and usually click the select all button to get all the necessary ingredients.

After this in need to actually do some cooking, this is done by playing a series of skill mini-games, with lots of variations and gameplay styles.

The better you perform, the better you score will be, along with experience and rewards, you also have to master each recipe by practicing and improving you technique.

As for other features, you can count with achievements, collections, that come as banquets, where you have to gather a series of items, some need to be asked from friends, others you can produce, like recipes or buy in the store. You can also customize your character, and change clothes, and you can customize you kitchen adding new decorations or utilities.

Chef Quest is already a reference when it comes to cooking games on Facebook, so check it out and lets us know what you think.

Love to Cook? Play Chef Quest today and get ready to embark on the culinary adventure of a lifetime!

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