City of Wonder

  • Genre: Strategy
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

City of Wonder is a simulation game developed by Playdom and played on Facebook where you can create prosperous civilizations which will let you progress through the ages while researching various technologies.

You start with a primitive village and build it into a great civilization by researching technologies and gaining access to more buildings.

In City of Wonder you gain experience by cleaning their buildings, adding to their population and researching technologies. By researching specific technologies, they can unlock buildings connected to them. For example, by researching science you can open up a laboratory and after researching agriculture players can build a farm.

As you gain population and technologies, you move up the evolutionary ladder. Cultural buildings equate to a happier community. Military buildings mean more defense against attackers and chances of successfully invading other communities. Increasing the number of markets leads to higher income.

As you start developing you will need to expand your territory, you do this by spending gold, which is earned through leveling or paying real world money and by gaining more friends.This is only a small part of the social aspect of the game. Every friend can have an embassy on the player’s land and vice versa.

Constructing buildings and increasing the population takes time and you can speed up this process through the use of “legends”. Legends are famous mathematicians, leaders and scientists such a Socrates and Lenin that can decrease the construction time, increase population output or temporarily increase your city’s defense or aid in invasions. Legends can be gifted by friends or purchased using gold.

Tips and Tricks

City of Wonder strategy guide

Build houses or homes to increase population. You will start with few houses to move people into your city. Now, you need more residential buildings to increase your population, so build many of them. If your newly build house is ready, click it to move residents in and watch your population grow.

Build farms, gardens, quarries and markets. This will help you collect silver and gold coins that you can use to buy new buildings and pay for new research technologies that would help you advance your empire age. Farms, gardens quarries and ranches allow you to produce goods and collect them to earn silver coins and XP.

Build cultural buildings and decorations. While your population grow, make sure that your citizens are happy by building some cultural buildings and decorations like trees and flowers. If your citizens are not happy, you can’t move additional residents to stay in your empire. The moods of your people change when there’s not enough cultural buildings and when the buildings are dirty. Make sure to clean the dirty buildings as well. By building cultural buildings and decorations you earn XP to help you level up.

Collect legends. Legends are special power-ups that can help your empire in a variety of ways. It has corresponding usage like speeding up research, giving you additional XP, boost your stats for expeditions, moves in residents more quickly and more. So, legends plays a big role in advancing your civilization.

Research new technologies often. Researching new technologies will allow you to unlock new buildings to construct and help you advance your civilization through time.

Add allies and build embassies. Ally is the counterpart of neighbor in other simulation game like this. So, invite more friends to be your allies in City of Wonder. When a friend becomes your ally, you can visit their civilization and will allow you to help them. Helping your allies let you earn coins and experience points. In addition, you are both given each other’s Embassies.

By placing your embassy in his or her city, your friend allows you to visit and collect from your embassy ever day. And by placing your friends embassy in your city, your residents happiness will increase and your civilization’s culture points also increases. Another thing, collecting from an embassy regularly will cause that embassy to level up. Meaning, increasing both its payout, and the happiness it causes.

Explore other civilizations. You will gain access to this the moment you reach level 5. This unlocks the ability to go on expeditions to other civilizations. Once you reach this level, you can attack, trade or participate in a cultural exchange with other civilization. Your three advisors will help you decide what better actions to do.

 Build Marvels. Marvels are wonders of the world that can only be rebuilt in your empire with the help of your friends or by paying some gold that would complete the Marvel immediately. By building Marvels, it will help your empire in many ways. Each type of Marvel provides a powerful boost to one of your empires stats, so don’t miss this aspect.

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