City Wars

  • Genre: City Building, Strategy
  • Developer: FunStar Studios
  • GD Star Rating

Create perfect city, build & defend your city by attackers. With a well trained army and sophisticated armors it is easy to conquer your neighbors to grow your empire. Don’t forget to invite your friends to build an ally network. Attack and acquire your enemy land to grow your map and collect taxes. Be watchful, there are spies around – each betrayal begins with trust. Join the action in City Wars, by FunStar!!!

It Seems there is new competition to Empires & Allies in the strategy and City Building genre on Facebook. City Wars uses the same formula and adds some new features to the strategy options.

City Wars uses the same basic options of Empire & Allies, you start with a small city and some buildings, and you have to develop and try to conquer the world, you have to make some allies and defeat your enemies around the globe.

Graphically it isn’t as much appealing as Empires & Allies, but it also features very nice graphics and nice artwork on units boost and heroes.

City Wars uses a different approach on the strategic part, where you have to do more planning, you have to carefully choose your battles, study each opponent, take into account, is units, boosts, and possible heroes, then you have to compare it to your army and decide if you want to engage or not.

Heroes add another dimension to the game, as they will provide boosts like defensive or attack bonus, or can speed up the production of units, heroes can be hired for a determined amount of time, and cost money, you’ll have to consider carefully when to hire to maximize their use.

Boost and supplies are also present and provide even more complexity to the game. Friends also play an important role, as allies play an important role in the game, you can visit your friends for added money and bonus, allies also take part on Fight Club battles.

There is also a PVP option where you can challenge and fight other players directly in the Fighting Club.

City Wars is a very nice game and a valid alternative to Empires & Allies, to players who are looking for something of the same, so just check it out!

Tips and Tricks

How does one go about increasing their A-D-H (“Attack”, “Defense” and “HP)?
Well, there are plenty of things you can do in the game to grow your army. Let’s look at them one by one…

  1. Training Troops:-
    Troops are a great way to increase all three – A-D-H. The troops in City Wars are ever dependable and don’t die in the field. Thus, meaning your A-D-H won’t reduce any time soon with these guys. However, troops do take quite some time to train.
  2. Purchasing Supplies:-
    Troops need to be armed well to make an impact in battle! That’s where the Supplies come in. These are the quickest and most impactful way of increasing your “Attack” and “Defense”. Mind you though, Supplies get consumed with each battle, and need to be replenished in a timely manner.
  3. Buy Boosts:-
    Boosts are items which increase your A-D-H by a percentage rather than a quantity. Buy a few of them and watch your vitals multiply!
  4. Constructing Buildings:-
    A great way to increase your “Defense” and “HP” is to construct buildings on your base! As long as these buildings stand on your base, your D-H will remain as is!
  5. Hiring a Hero:-
    Never under-estimate the power of an individual! Especially, the Heroes in City Wars are worth their weight in Gold, when you hire them. Each Hero has a special function, and boosts either of your A-D-H for as long as he/she is hired by you!

You can read the rest From the game FAQ here.

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