Civilization World Guide, Walkthrough and tips

This tutorial will guide you through the early stages of the game, with tips and screen shots of all Civilization World tutorial quests, to help you to start the game the best way.

When you first enter the game you are immediately confronted with a welcome screen announcing the beginning of the tutorial.

All you have to do is follow the instructions, but some tips from us will be essential for you.

Civilization World Welcome screen


The first thing to do is build a house, just hit the build button and choose house from the build menu.


Build Menu


Now all you have to do is place your house, this can be an extremely important decision, because house can be moved, but farm, corn fields and orchards cannot.

Also the location of the house affects the population mood, you will have to do some experiment, but always remember, that between your house and the main building you should places your food resources.

Food resources cannot be moved, so take in consideration the following:

Garden – Produces 15 food in grassland and 10 in plains

Corn field – Produces 10 food, +5 for each adjacent corn field, to a max of 30 per field.

Orchard – Produces 10 food of grass, 5 on plains, +10 per each adjacent water square to a max of 50.

So where you place your food resources is of most importance, choose wisely.

How to use harvests


Harvests help you gather extra resources, each time you use them, they regenerate over time.

Once your food stock reaches the determined amount you population will increase.

You can assign each of your population different tasks, farmer, worker.

Create a worker


Workers gather Production from forests, Stone Quarries and Iron Mines, which is used to build and upgrade building and to create military units.

Bonus Resources


Bonus resources can be gathered by mousing over your citizens when they are showing the icons above.

Building a Guard Tower


Guard Towers are very important, they reveal map around their location, allowing you to expand your building area and to discover new resources.

Creating Scientists


Scientists create science to research new technologies. Science leads to new technologies and unlocks new units, Wonders and Civics, for this you have to use scientists. But you can research faster by playing the Technology Maze mini game.

Technology Maze


The friends screen is where you can find your friends, visit their cities, throne rooms etc, or you can chat with them directly.

Finding Friends


Visiting friends allows for trading routes, you can help your friends by gathering bonus resources.

Visit a friend


Joining a Civilization is very important, and fun too. After joining the desired Civilization you can collaborate to discover new technologies, Build Wonders and fight battles together.

Joining a Civilization


Sending a Chat message


 Coordinating strategies in your civilization is mainly done by messaging, so get used to it.

Solve a art puzzle


Culture made in your City leads to Great People, that you can use to build Wonders with other members of your Civilization, Playing the Great Art Puzzle can give you extra culture and faster access to Wonders. You will be playing at the same time as other players and can be quite addicting.

Solving a great art puzzle


Selling and buying at the marketplace


 Buying and selling items plays a great strategic part on the game, market prices rise and fall according to supply and demand. So you can get a good opportunity to make money following the market.

Marketplace Screen

Marketplace Screen


Also in the market, occasionally there will appear some rare items auction or contest that reward players with Fame points.


Complete the Caravan Game


The caravan mini game, allows you to get some extra Gold for your City.

Caravan mini game to create trade routes


Upgrading Buildings


Buildings can be upgraded three levels, each upgrade provides more benefits to your city. To upgrade you have to mouse over the building, click and choose upgrade.



Civbucks can be bought with real money, but are limited to 10 uses a day. They can be used to get more harvests, resources or more moves in the mini games.

Research Screen


The research screen is where you can follow and choose what you want to research. Some discoveries need others to be completed before you can use them.

The Throne Room

 The Throne room is where you show your achievements and accomplishments, achievements unlock special items for your throne room and earn you gems to buy them.

Medals and Promotions


Medals and Promotions are the next step in the game after mastering the basics. Medals give you Fame points which are the key to winning the game. And each medal you win gets you promoted inside your Civilization, win enough and you can become Prince or Princess, or even King or Queen.

At this time, you are set to go for great fun in this great new game for Facebook, we hope this tutorial helps you, and don’t forget to share.

As always this is open for improvements, so share your tips and knowledge in the comments, or leave your questions!

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