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CivWorld is finally in open beta and playable by all. The new Facebook game of the moment is the long awaited social version of the awarded Sid Meyers Civilization series. Lets take a look at the game…

CivWorld has created great expectations mainly in players that have already played Sid Meyer’s Civilization, what could be brought to the game to enhance it even more than we remembered? And how was it going to be adapted to the Facebook and social playing?

Closed beta testing further increased the suspense for those who had no invitations, some reviews and rumors where all they had, considering the user agreement on confidentiality that beta tester had to respect.

Today the game was finally open for everyone, and as lots of other players, we tried to play it, earlier today we couldn’t connect to the server, such was the number of players trying, and even now some minor problems persist, but this should be solved soon.

Civilization World Main Screen


As for the game itself, I must say it follows the line of Civilization series, but you see a much more “Facebook look” to it, much more detail in the various graphics, buildings and units animation, there are even farms! and corn fields and orchards.

Civilization World definitely is more sociable, from the very start you can see and feel, that multiplayer and interaction is a great part of the game, from the rolling marquee showing all the news, to the journal, the live chat etc… all this together with the fact that you actually have to enter one of the various civilizations already created or create a new one, and the team work necessary for building wonders makes it for a very entertaining, but also demanding experience.

As for the gameplay, CivWorld is great, it features a great! tutorial, very detailed and with relevant information, with an already filled wiki with everything you need to know about the game options, building etc.

As for the strategy, it is all there, the planning, the buildings, the army units, etc… As for the science, technical and culture developments this is where old players get surprised, and where players not familiar with Civilization will see a great way to diversify gameplay.

The Nation Screen

CivWorld features a series of puzzles and mini games, to accelerate each of this parts of the game, for trading you have to do a pipe connect game, for art you have to solve a puzzle, for science you have to go through a maze, etc… this adds a great variation to the strategic gameplay, and can be used to fill gaps, while you are wait for other things to finish in the game.

The game objective is different from most Facebook strategy games, where there is no end determined, in Civilization World, you may have several games recorded, and you can play one until it ends, usually by acquiring fame points, this fame points can be won, by earning medals or promotions, some easier than others. There are even group options to be made, for example, on the next research objective, or to which Wonder to build next, all this within your nation group, victories are also usually obtained by a group of friends and not by individual players.

Creating a Trade Route mini game

All this interaction and group decision making, can be complicated to manage, and will require by the players some knowledge of each others and a great coordination, all the tools are there, but players need to get used to it.

On the downside for now, the fact of no full screen, or zoom options is quite strange, at least I didn’t find them…

Overall, CivWorld ends up not being a surprise for most of players familiar to Sid Meyer’s game, it is a game of great quality, great graphics and lots of social and interaction mechanics improvements, while there are many strategy game nowadays, something that wasn’t true for the first Civilizations games, this one feels that it is going to stand out of the bunch, lets see if it is true.

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