Clash Of The Dragons

  • Genre: Collectible Card game
  • Developer: 5th Planet Games
  • GD Star Rating

Clash Of The Dragons is a role playing collectible card game, where you can choose your character and travel the world game, choose a class and improve your decks, fighting AI controlled monsters and real players, improve your skills, craft new cards, weapons and armor items to improve your character stats.

Game features:

  • Build a mighty deck full of great heroes, powerful sorcery, and deadly weapons.
  •  Battle AI-controlled monsters in tests of skill and strategy.
  •  Challenge other players in Live combat to prove your abilities and the strength of your chosen decks.
  • Track down legendary cards to bolster your forces.
  • Take part in an epic adventure filled with glory and heroism.
  •  Become the champion the kingdom needs in this dark time.
  • Learn what’s happened in West Kruna over the 250 years which have elapsed since the events of Dawn of the Dragons.

Clash of the Dragons is a really good CCG game for fans of the genre, and can fill the void left, with the closing of similar games on Facebook.

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Clash Of The Dragons, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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