CLASH: Rise of Heroes

  • Genre: Collectible Card game
  • Developer: Qunify
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CLASH: Rise of Heroes is new digital collectible card game (CCG) on Facebook by Qunify, set in a superhero universe. CLASH: Rise of Heroes is a strategy game where players create a Hero, select their powers, and battle others on the game board. Each game is designed to last 5-10 minutes.

What can I expect when I first sign up for CLASH?

The first thing players do when they sign up for CLASH is create a Superhero, choosing their costume and power sets. Once you’ve finished that, you are provided with your “starter pack,” which is essentially the free cards you get for signing up. These cards will vary depending on the powers you selected. Then, you are immediately directed to the interactive tutorial, where you will learn how to play the game.

What is a starter pack?

Starter packs are the cards that players get when they first log into CLASH. The starter pack you get will vary depending on the powerset you choose. For example, if you selected “Fire” as one of your powersets, you will get the basic 5 Power cards for the Firepowerset.  Starter pack cards are the basic “bread and butter” powers of the powerset you have chosen, as well as your starter allies (everyone gets the same Allies in their starter packs). When you create a new Hero, you can always purchase a “Power Pack” for each new power in the Store.


What kind of powers can my superhero use?

Currently, CLASH: Rise of Heroes offers nine Powersets: Fire, Water/Ice, Electricity, Energy, Might, Archery, Munitions, Psionic and Dark. In addition, there is a “Neutral” powerset, which offers cards that anyone can use (most Neutral powers are given as you level your Hero up). Your Hero initially has access to two powersets (as well as the Neutral powerset). However,  they will be able to access a third (Level 10) and even a fourth (Level 30)powerset!


“Why can’t I access most parts of the site until I’m level 3?

We have locked the site so that players learn how to play the game before they purchase new cards, edit decks, battle friends, and complete missions. We believe that once players have a better idea of game mechanics, they can make more informed decisions. Think of it as an extended tutorial.”


What are the different modes of play in CLASH?

Players have several options of game modes. The “Campaign” mode puts you in thecenterstage of a comic book, where you are the main character. When you reach a point in the comic book where conflict is inevitable, you transition to the game board to defeat the villain. Only through victory can you proceed through the story. Campaigns also give the players a great deal of XP and VP, as well as special cards.


The “Mission” mode offers a multi-part mission every day, usually a story arc. These missions give you XP and VP, and you can usually find some cool Item cards as well. The “VS.” mode allows you to either battle your friends (who must be logged into the system), or enter the “Find a Match” queue, which will hook you up with other players who are currently looking for a battle.

“I’ve entered the “Find a Match” queue but no one else seems to be looking.

We are aware that, since we only recently launched the game, the “Find a Match” queue can sometimes be empty. We are working on ways to improve this. Stay tuned!”

Can I play against my friends?

Yes, when your friends are logged into CLASH, you can battle them by either clicking on their portrait at the bottom of the screen and then clicking “Battle,” or by clicking “VS.” and then clicking the Battle button below your friend. If your friend’s portrait is outlined in red, it means they are currently already in a battle and your battle request will be automatically declined.

Can I play against people I don’t know?

Yes, you can enter the “Find a Match” queue by clicking on the Versus battle button, and then clicking “Find a Match.” The computer system will then locate someone else who is also in the “Find a Match” queue and has a similar level to you. We are currently working on ways to simplify this process and make it easier to find a battle with strangers.


Does it cost anything to play the game?

No, it doesn’t cost a thing to play CLASH : Rise of Heroes. You create a Hero for free, and we provide you with a complete starter deck for free. In addition, you may purchase a variety of booster packs by using Victory Points, which are earned through winning battles. However, some content can only be unlocked by Clash Coins, which you must purchase or earn through special offers.


What is the difference between XP and VP?

You gain Experience Points (XP) and Victory Points (VP) each time you complete a campaign chapter, succeed in a Mission, or defeat another player in Versus mode.  XP is used to level up. When you level up, all of your Heroes gain access to new cards and even new power sets.

VP is an earned currency that allows you to purchase new cards for your Hero’s deck. In the future, you will also be able to use VP in many other ways. Stay tuned!


What are “Clash Coins” and how do I get them?

Clash Coins can be used to purchase featured cards, campaigns, and booster packs. You can obtain Clash Coins by purchasing them – simply click “Buy Coins” at the top of the page. You may also obtain them by earning them through completing special offers. To find out more, click on “Earn Coins” at the top of the page.


Will players who use Clash Coins have an advantage over other players?

Yes and no. Players who use Clash Coins may gain access to especially rare cards, and so may have more options. However, success in CLASH is largely determined by strategic choices . In addition, the cards provided in the “starter pack” are considered basic “bread and butter” strengths of the chosen Powerset. They stand well on their own. Finally, Item Cards can make or break a victory. These can be earned by completing daily missions for free, or purchased with Victory Points in the Store.


Do you have any information on the CLASH “universe?

We have over 80 characters in the CLASH universe, and we continue to add new ones. Many of these characters belong to “Leagues,” and yes, there is a back story. Obviously, the best way to learn about the CLASH universe is to read the comics (the campaigns). However, we have also provided a lot of information on the Leagues and character Bios in the “Vault,” which you can locate on the Home page once you’re logged into the CLASH.

Tips and Tricks



How many cards are there in CLASH?

We currently offer over 200 cards, but several of these are used exclusively by the computer. However, most of these cards will eventually be released as well.


Do you plan to make any new cards?

Yes. We will continue to release new cards.


How do I get new cards?

There are many ways to obtain cards. You are given your starter cards when you create your first Hero. You earn new cards by playing through the Campaign or completing Missions. You may also purchase cards using your Victory Points (VP) or Clash Coins by visiting the Store. We offer several types of booster packs, and we feature individual cards each day, as well.


What’s the difference between the Booster packs?

The Infuse pack provides players with one Ally card, one Power card, and one Item card. The Ultra pack provides players with five unique cards. All of these cards will be either Power cards or Ally cards, and at least two rare, epic, or legendary cards is guaranteed. The Equip pack provides users with three Item cards. These cost 0 Focus to use. Finally, the Power pack provides players with a “starter pack” for a chosen powerset. Each starter pack contains the five unique power cards.


Is it possible for me to see all the cards you offer?

Yes, you can click “View All Cards” when you edit your Hero, or when you are on your Profile (which is located on the “Home” page. Be sure to click “View Cards I Don’t Own” if you want to see all the cards we offer (regardless of whether you own them).




Where can I learn how to play CLASH?

The easiest way to learn is to pay attention during the initial interactive tutorial. In addition, finish the first three campaign chapters… combined, they should give you a good idea of the game mechanics. We have an extensive tutorial located on the Home page for those who want more in depth instruction. We also plan to create an instructional Youtube video soon.


What is the difference between an “Ally,” a “Power,” and an “Item?”


An Ally card is a card that can be “summoned” to an empty slot on the battlefield. Your allies can block enemy Allies, or attack the enemy Hero if they are not blocked. Allies also have a variety of special abilities that help your Hero or harm your opponent. When Allies are defeated, they are removed from the game.


A Power card is a card that is used to have a direct impact on the battlefield. To use a power, click on the Power card and then select a target. Illegal targets will be “grayed out.” When Power cards are used, they are discarded, and eventually reshuffled back into your deck.


An Item card is a card that works exactly like a Power card, but always costs 0 Focus to use. However, once you use an Item card, it is PERMANENTLY destroyed and removed from your inventory. In other words, Item cards are disposable. Item cards are added to your deck prior to entering a battle. You may add no more than 3 Items per battle.


What do all of the “keywords” stand for on the CLASH cards?


The keywords on the CLASH cards are meant to clue players in to what the card does, but you must read the entire text to get a full description of the card. Keywords are very helpful, though, and users would be wise to learn them. You can learn more about the Keywords (and what they mean) by checking out our Tutorial on the Home page. Just click on “How to Play” and then “Keywords.”

I keep seeing a bunch of icons that pop up on cards. What do they mean?

We have designed the game to include “status” effects, which means the effect doesn’t resolve immediately, but instead “sticks around.” We created these icons to remind you that these cards have a specific status affecting it. You can find out what the icon means by rolling your cursor  over the icon.


Who goes first when playing CLASH?

The player who goes first is randomly selected at the beginning of the game. Although we do not believe this offers a significant advantage, we acknowledge that – just like in a real battle – a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt.


Do you have any forums/message boards for CLASH?

Our official Forum is located at: You can also click on “Forums” when you’re logged into CLASH (it’s located at the bottom right side of the screen).

How can I report a bug?

We understand that bugs can be frustrating, and we’re working as hard as we can to smooth them out during our Beta phase. To report a bug, simply leave a message in the Forums section under “Tech Support.” We check these messages almost daily.

Who do I contact for technical support?

We have several topics devoted to technical support in our Forums section. We check these topics daily.


I have many duplicates of a single card. Can I trade them?

We do not currently offer any ways in which you can trade your cards with other players. However, we intend to offer trading functionality soon. Implementing trade can often expose players to fraud. We intend to design a system that allows players to trade cards with their friends while protecting players from exploitation.


Then what do I do with the duplicates?

Currently, you can “sell back” most cards to the Store for Victory Points. This VP can be used to purchase additional booster packs. The “sell back” price corresponds to the card’s rarity.


How do I edit my Hero’s deck?

Click on Edit at the top of the page. Then click on the Hero you wish to edit. Finally, click on “Edit Hero.” You will be taken to the Edit Deck Tool. Here, you can drag and drop cards to your deck’s empty slots, or double click on a card you wish to add. You must include 6 Ally cards and 12 Power Cards. You may include no more than 2 duplicates of any card.

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