Classic Word Games

  • Genre: Word & Trivia
  • Developer: Ubisoft
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Classic word games renovates word games. It can be played alone or between friends. Fans of crossword puzzles , hangman , scrabble , and word games of all sorts are welcome here. If you appreciated Word Challenge, Typing Maniac, Scramble, Pathwords, Lexulous, Word Party or Buzzword … you’ll love Classic WORD games.

Classic Word Games is a Word & Puzzle game for Facebook, it features several games, like Hangman, Mumble or Magnets. All the games have a previous explanation of the rules and how to play it, extra features like power ups. also add extra fun a play options. You can also compare your score to you friends in the leader board.

The several games are fun and very entertaining, the gameplay is almost flawless, further the game can also be used as a learning tool for every age, for adults or even children, you can just play it together with your sons or grand sons.

The game also features trophies as a way to record your progress and achievements. Weekly competition is also a great feature.

Classic Word Games is a fantastic Words game that everyone should play.

Tips and Tricks

Classic Word Games Guide and Tips

The game offer an help Button on the bottom-left of the screen, but just in case here are the main guidelines for each game:





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