Cooking Mama

  • Genre: Cooking Simulation, Restaurant
  • Developer: Arkadium and Majesco
  • GD Star Rating

Finally, Cooking Mama has landed on Facebook! Come join your friends and help Mama cook. With all new recipes, ingredients, mini-games and goals, Cooking Mama is better than ever with a social flare!

Set up your own menu and serve your friends out of your very own restaurant! Just make sure to listen to Mama. When it comes to cooking, Cooking Mama always knows best!

Cooking Mama is a cooking simulation game for Facebook users, and a really nice I might add, you are in charge of your own restaurant, but contrary to other restaurant games available this is more focused on the cooking itself, you have to learn the recipes and prepare them, using simple but entertaining skill steps, like butter a bread or grill an hamburger.

The overall aspect of the game is very nice, you have a recipe book, and you have to prepare menus to serve to your customers, the serving is actually pretty simple, you just have to open your restaurant for a certain amount of time, to collect money to keep cooking.

Cooking Mama is centered in the cooking business, the more perfect you are while performing the several steps of a recipe will give you a score, or an award. The game is actually nice to learn how to cook, of course is mouse driven and you don’t actually pick on a knife or move the skillet, but gives a pretty good idea how it is done.

You can serve your dishes to your friends, which are important, because when you visit them you can help them, taste their dishes, and get energy on the way, you will need it.

The game features lots of Goals or quest to do, including daily goals, so you don’t feel bored, you can also improve your kitchen by buying decorations or better appliances.

Reputation, stats and awards are also presented, giving even more entertainment and choices to the game. If you are looking for a cooking game, check it out!

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Cooking Mama, 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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