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Get away from it all in Country Story and forget the stresses of everyday life. Enjoy the tranquil pleasures of your very own country farm and home. Tend to your crops and animals, visit your friends’ farm and breathe in the fresh country air. Play now and join the farming fun!

Playfish has developed a cute and cheerful little game called Country Story. You start with nothing but a piece of bare land and a handful of seeds and instruments which you use to start your own small farm. You need to direct your character with the mouse to plow plots, sow and tend to crops and harvest the fruits of your work.

By doing this you earn experience points which improve your character over time, unlocking such things as new crops and letting you plow more pieces of land. You may earn gold coins by completing quests and selling harvested crops that you can use to buy new seeds, items and decorations for your farm.
Rather than trying to create some kind of farming powerhouse, working on your farm in Country Story is more like being in charge of a cottage industry. It looks and feels like your character is preparing and using  his or her own backyard rather than running an actual farm and that’s part of the game’s limited charm.
It’s cute and sedate, the pace of the game is largely determined by the time you spend growing crops. This happens in real time, some crops taking as little as four hours to grow while others can take the whole day. It’s slow by design, unless you  buy special fertilizer in-game to speed things up (which you’ll need to pay for).
Characters in the game world (your home is part of small village that includes the products of a market and a place buy animals) will give you adventures to help give you some direction as you start and these can be easy.
Some, however, are tied to the more social aspect of the game, requiring you to invite and work with friends on your respective farms. If you  imagine a simple solitary quest, this means you won’t complete most of the quests and this will seriously slow down your progression.
It’s a very easy game to be played but you can face some diffficulties if you decide at one point during your game to delete and rearrange the plots that you had cultivated.
As the great majority of games on Facebook, Country Story is free to play and also offers certain advantages to those who wish to spend some money by purchasing blue Playfish Cash. These blue coins can be used to buy items like the fertilizer (in fact, this is the only way to get fertilizer outside of the small supply you earn through quest rewards) and special decorations for your farm.
In my opinion this is a very simple game that can release your stress after a long day work.

Tips and Tricks

Country Story Tips

  • It’s best to start your farm with crops, as seeds are the least expensive and least risky. While you do need to water your crops in order to get them to grow, they won’t die after they’ve grown. As you earn more money, you can expand into trees and animals.
  • Trees are high risk, high reward. Come back every day or you will end up with rotten fruit on the ground. You can also shake your trees to get the fruit to fall off sooner. Once your trees die, they’ll leave behind a tree sprite which can be combined with other tree sprites to make magic trees.
  • Consider saving your coins as much as possible in order to expand your farm. Expanding your farm is a hefty investment, but it will pay off in the long-run as you will have more room for crops, animals, and trees.
  • Use quests to help decide what to plant next. Completing quests gives you experience, and in some cases, special rewards. Maximizing your experience will help you level up quicker which will unlock more crops, trees, and animals.
  • Try to earn as many trophies as possible. Trophies not only showcase your achievement, but also give you extra benefits like increasing crop production.
  • In order to purchase animals, you need wood and stone. Besides collecting these items on your own farm, you can also collect up to five wood and stone from your friend’s farm each day. The more friends you have, the quicker you can get an animal.
  • Gain experience by helping friends. Visit your friends’ farms and water their crops or brush their animals, or get their attention by stealing their crops and shaking their trees. Your choice!
  • Don’t want to wait for your crops to grow? Use fertilizer to instantly grow your plants, and gain extra experience in the process.
  • Recruit new friends into the game to receive bonus animals, including chickens, ducks, sheep, and cows.
  • Use the new Redecorate mode to easily re-arrange your farm and quickly move things to and from your storage.
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