Crime City

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  • Developer: Funzio
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Rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city in this next gen crime game! Build up your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!

Crime City is similar to other Facebook mafia style games. In this game players build their own hood in a sim city style fashion. Buildings make money and other Facebook users can attempt to rob you and fight your avatar. Missions are available in other parts of the city. Players use energy during fights and need to wait for the energy to replenish before fighting again.



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Crime City Tips and tricks

In Crime City be sure to build the coffee shop in your hood as soon as you can. You’ll need a Facebook friend to send you the paint required or you can buy the paint with Facebook credits. Having a coffee shop will allow you to get some extra energy when you need it to complete a mission when you’re low on energy and need a quick boost.

Your mafia can also drive cars but you’ll need to build the parking garage first. This garage requires some parts but you can get those from your Facebook friends or you can buy them with Facebook credits. Try to build the paring garage as soon as you can so you can start acquiring cars and give your mafia the advantage.

Be sure to pick fights with Facebook users who are at or just above your current level. Be sure the person you attack as the same or less mafia members then you do or you’ll probably lose the match. Be sure to upgrade your weapons and armor in the game store when you can afford to and having a car will help your chances of winning the match too.

You’ll unlock other areas of the city as you level up but you can always go back to other areas and do extra missions if you want. The further along you go in the city the harder the missions will be. Some missions will fail and this mansion need more mafia members or better equipment so check out the store for anything you might need to upgrade on.

Be sure to send parts to your Facebook friends so they can complete their buildings such as the coffee shop or parking garage which can’t be completed without Facebook friends or game credits. You can upgrade your hood once you have some mafia members. The buildings in your hood are also upgradeable with the higher levels producing more money for your mafia.

Crime City is a fun game but take it slow and get to know all aspects of it. You’ll need a bigger mafia at some point so plan ahead and get your Facebook friend splaying this great new Facebook game.

The single biggest change that has been made to Crime City is the addition of rackets – buildings which you can choose a “job” for, each job being a different length of time, and earning you a different amount of money (anywhere from a 5-minute job to a 2-day job). Go to your hood, go to “store”, and go to “buildings” and then “rackets” to find them (they are buildings that already were in the game, they just now have “jobs” associated with them). They will show a minimum-maximum income, the minimum being for the 5 minute job and the maximum being for the 2 day job.

Those aren’t the limits to your income, though – like any other building, and like all of these buildings before they became rackets, you can still upgrade your building, which adds 50% of your original income each time your upgrade, per job (I.E. 50 dollar jobs become 75 dollar jobs after 1 upgrade, 100 dollar jobs after 2 upgrades, 125 dollar jobs after 3 upgrades, etc).

By far the best racket you can buy in Crime City, is the basketball court. The court costs only 400 dollars, and even before an upgrade, its top job maxes out at a 1,050 dollar income for 2 days. Upgrading a basketball court is relatively cheap, and elevates the income-per-job higher than many other, more expensive rackets. It takes up a lot of space, but simply use the eraser tool to start deleting streets, in order to make room for more basketball courts.

Additionally, coffee shops are now different. Previously, you could start construction on a coffee shop, but you had to ask friends for the pieces left to finish it. Now, that is no longer the case – you can build the coffee shop using nothing but money and steel, and as you know, the coffee shop gives you 50 energy every 8 hours. Build multiple coffee shops and become an energy-farmer if you want to complete jobs at a rapid pace and rob other players all day.

Also, you no longer need any completed parts to build a parking garage. Now, all you need is 900 dollars and 3 steel. Not only does it provide 1100 dollars every 24 hours, but now you can buy cars – and owning a car greatly increases your defense and offense. Even owning the cheapest car, a Ford Fiesta (or a “Dash” as it’s called in the game), increases your offense by 21 and defense by 17 (and a “Dash” only costs 1,500 coins and 40 diamonds).

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