Cupcake Corner

  • Genre: Restaurant, Business Management
  • Developer: OMGPOP
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Cupcake Corner is restaurant management Facebook game, where you have to run your own Cake Shop, the game is themed to it, and features the most common options and gameplay features of other games in the genre.

Bake and customize a huge variety of treats to sell, design and decorate your own amazing looking cupcake shop! Let’s get cooking! Open your very own Cupcake Corner today.

Cupcake Corner is pretty solid and well wrapped up, with nice graphics and cute characters, great puppy and pet decorations.

As usual you can hire friends to work with you, and you can visit their stores for added bonuses. Character customization is great too.

As a stand out, you can customize your recipes, making them special and unique. Everything is right in the game, lots of tasks to do will keep you busy, nice level up pace, and a good sense of progression.

Overall, Cupcake Corner is a very nice option if you are looking for a new cooking or restaurant management game on Facebook, but there are so many already…

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Cupcake Corner Tutorial and Guide

Create Your Own Cupcake!


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