• Genre: MMO, Strategy
  • Developer: 7th Road
  • GD Star Rating

DDTank is a free 2 play MMO web-based shooting game. Cute and fun. Get ready to Blast your friends!

Developed by 7th Road, DDTank is almost like a massively multiplayer rendition of or the classic Worms franchise.

Planted in the middle of a very chibi-anime-style of world, players are immediately engaged in a basic tutorial. Unlike other MMOGs, DDTank doesn’t have users milling about an entire world, but blasting opponents with a rocket launcher within isolated matches. The basic idea of the game is to join matches and beat other players in a Worms-style bout.

Taking turns, players move about a destructible terrain and lob shots at each other using similar physics to the predecessor. With each shot, players must take into consideration elements such as wind, angle, and firing power, with the winner taking home the most experience. Even when losing, however, players are able to choose from a deck of overturned cards with each containing a random amount of coin.

With each battle, varying numbers of people can join, depending on how many the game creator allows. Regardless, it can be amusing to play as players make use of various special abilities to do extra damage, fire more shots, or even fire more missiles.

Of the MMOG-style mechanics, players can actually perform quests that will reward the user with random items and gems. In one of the few aspects of this explained, these can be augmented with bonus stats through an in-game armory.

Socially speaking, one aspect of the game that is of interest is that there are actually scheduled activities for users to participate in, and in a virtual world type of fashion, even a Japanese hot spring space to visit and chat within. Aside from these, however, the social is all standard to MMOGs, meaning chat, guilds (called “Leagues” here), and synchronous play.


DDTank Gameplay – First Look HD

DDTank Official Gameplay Trailer

Tips and Tricks


  • First of all, play the tutorial! Gives the proper knowledge for starting the game , and helps to get used to the comands and flow of the game.
  • Play in fullscreen mode.


Attributes define how your character perform in the game. Find out more about the attributes and the values you need to battle.

Attack Adds to the power of attack with your weapon
Defense Reduces the attack from opponents
Agility Reduces the delay from each round
Luck Increses the knock out rate

HP Represents your character’s health status. When HP is 0 your character dies and will turn into a Ghost.

Energy Represents the character’s physical status. Your character cannot move if Energy is 0. Energy resets after each round.

Anger Value Is from 0 to 200. Your anger value is full when the ‘PoW’ icon lights up. Click on the icon to perform the death blow.

Delay value (hidden) Defines the attack order of each user. Using props or moving your character will increase delay value.

Getting Married

The benefits for getting married is you’ll gain experience in group battles, and you will receive a wedding ring, here’s how you get married!


First you have to buy a wedding ring Then you will be able to propose to ‘single’ players in game.

Simply click on the other party and click on the icon “Marriage Proposal”

IF… your proposal failed, you will receive a “Good Person Card”. You will not be able to get married, however, you can complete a quest with the card.

Wedding Ceremony

Brides and Grooms can walk down the aisle in our Wedding Chapel. You have to pay a certain amount of points to hold the wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony the couple will receive their wedding ring in their mailbox. Wedding Rings enhance your attributes and one character can wear up to two wedding rings.


If you wish to divorce, the proposed party has to pay a certain amount of points to file a divorce.
The good thing is your wedding ring will not disapear, and you can marry other characters in game as you wish.


How to start a battle?

There are 2 basic ways to start a battle, Create a room and wait for the system to match you, or challenge a friend.


Click ‘Create’ in box on the bottom right, insert the chamber name and your room will appear on the list.

Insert room name, set a password if you want, so only your friends can join the same team.

Enable or disable the slots by clicking on them.

Note: the characters who joined this room will be your teammate.

Click “Start” to launch the game. The system will automatically match you with another team.


Another way to start a battle is you can click on current users who are on the waiting list, click on the character name and choose “Launch Challenge”, both of you will own a team, you can then decide how many teammates you wish to have for the battle.



Enhancing strengthens the Attack, Defense, Agility and Luck of your item.

1. Items which can be enhanced are weapons, outfits and hats.

2. After the enhancement, weapons gain 10% damage; outfits and hats gain 10% protection.

3. The success rate for enhancing varies with your level. Advanced enerygy stone and lucky charm will raise the success rate.

4. Items will drop one level if the enhancing failed. Divine Amulet prevents your item from dropping the level.


Smelting system enables you to upgrade your items to a higher level. Here are a few tips you should notice:

1. The main items you put in the four slots determine the outcome. All four mail item slots must be occupied to smelt the new item.

2. You can add additional items to increase the success rate.

3. Smeltable items include Vermilion, Tiger, Serpent, Dragon, Energy Stones, Pearls, Rings and Bracelets.

4. With the right recipe, items from the same category can be smelt into higher levels.

5. Rings and Bracelets purchased from Vouchers cannot be smelt.

6. To smelt Rings and Bracelets, they should be on the same level. The target item will have no arrtibute.

7. Gems should be in the same category and level to smelt.

8. Rings and Bracelets can only be smelted up 5 points.


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