Deep Realms

  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Developer: Playdom
  • GD Star Rating

Deep Realms is a new and fascinating Facebook game where you can search caves, castles and other mystical locations for hidden treasures. Encounter fantastic creatures and defeat dangerous enemies. Compete in duels with other players, ask friends to avenge your defeats, and share your victories. Embark on an epic quest to reveal the truth in Deep Realms!

In Deep Realms, players explore fantastical lands to uncover the true  nature of their quest and become legendary heroes. In this free-to-play  fantasy role playing game (RPG), players make strategic choices as they  play, resulting in very different but equally viable experiences.  Players develop their character’s skills and face increasingly dangerous  foes as the story takes them through visually unique and interesting  environments.

Facebook is full of role-playing games, but deep, turn-based, console-style RPGs are still pretty rare.

Deep Realms manages to take everything that makes the genre on to a social network, with only a few minor downsides. It’s not only one of the best role playing experiences on Facebook, but Deep Realms is also one of the best games overall.

You play as a young farmer living in a world of swords and sorcery. One day your brother goes missing and so you decide to set off to some nearby caves to find him.  Although the story may seem somewhat light for an RPG, it’s much deeper when compared to similar Facebook games.

Deep Realms, allows you to change your weapons, armor, and use special skills too. As you advance in the game, you’ll unlock more skills and the ability to use different weapons. Players can have offensive skills, defensive skills, and attack skills such as the ability to wield a sword, bow, or use a tackle attack. Some classes such as the sorcerer can also use magic skills.

Deep Realms is a deep, complex, and engaging RPG that manages to be both casual and deep at the same time. From the epic storyline to the deep character customization to the strategic combat, Deep Realms is exactly what you’d want from a RPG of Facebook.

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It would be great to have allies that are not just friends on facebook. The ability to friend any Deep Realm game player. Or a certain amount and stratagize accordingly. It ensures no monoply of players rewards for teams with multi-level players would be “gifted” with gear/weapons/elixcurs etc.

It would be nice if there were items/elixirs that doubled the refresh rate of energy. I know that there are ways to earn gems through the various achievements; but when my progress can’t be continuous because I’m running out of energy, then I keep looking for more ways to earn gems (to buy energy pots).

Another thing that would be good… would be a system that permits one to find Allies through the game without necessarily having to friend the Ally on Facebook. I just started playing so I don’t know whether there are NPC Allies that join my party. But it would be good to get PC allies too, in a similar fashion.

Its addictive. Bears a lot of resemblence to the Treasure Isle game, but with a good RPG feel.

The energy element that’s present in so many FB games is there, which is its only real downfall besides being a work in progress. I would love to find a FB game which did not have these energy requirements, and offered actual aesthetic premium… content. Id pay to look like a bad ass, however I wont pay to play a game when there are so many free MMOs in the world.

” Very much like Treasure Madness and Treasure Isle, but more addictive because of the actual monster challenges and the mini games!!!! good job!

” Promising start; if they follow up with content this will be one of the new facebook giants. Gifting Potions should open up a gift to the “ally” rather than the list of all your friends. Please add me for ally; if you specify “Deep Realms” it makes it easier for me to add you to gift list.

For now I give this game 3 Stars…Great start but the “Recovery Times” for Health & Energy SERIOUSLY need to be dropped and other ways of obtaining energy need to be installed.

Takes too long to get Energy, but it’s the type of game I’ve been waiting for: Simple and Story driven. RPG elements never get old. This is what I expected Frontierville to be like. Fville sucks because you can never explore.

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